9 Things Children Do That Scare The Crap Out of Parents

9:29 AM

I never knew that anything would have the power to scare the heck out of me like my children. The things they have done over the years are enough to give anyone a heart attack! As a parent almost anything our children do that put them in harms way can grab us by the heartstrings in a bad way. Here are a few of the things that kids do that scare parents to death! 

1. Jumping From High Places

2. Climbing Trees

3. Anything with Scissors

4. Putting Things Up Their Nose (Like Popcorn Kernels)

5. Stuffing Their Mouths (Which Leads to Choking)

6. Talking to Strangers

7. Riding Anything with Wheels

8. Going to School for the First Time

9. Growing Up!

I know there are more things that should be on this list. Feel free to add your own below!

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  1. Standing up in the bathtub as a very young child!

  2. My baby is now 18... and growing up has been the scariest.. and still is... I wonder if there is an age I will stop being afraid for them

  3. refusing to hold your hand in crowded areas, why do they have to be sooo independent! sheesh!

  4. The talking to strangers I think is the most scary.

  5. I highly doubt we will ever stop worrying about them. ;)

    The other night my daughter started screaming bloody murder. We thought she was seriously hurt and ran over to where she was playing in the yard. She was afraid of some cat that had come near her from the neighbor's yard.

  6. I definitely agree with the not holding hands and running off. My 5 year old has gotten to the place where he hates holding hands now and it scares the heck out of me too!

    lol Stacie, I was expecting you to say a bug.

  7. Gabe jumped/fell (still debated) off our playset the first week we had it! They do things daily to terrify me.

  8. oh just wait until the things with wheels also have motors on them....talk about horror!

  9. I agree with everyone who said running away/not holding my hand! My oldest is almost 3 and this is his new thing. I was pushing his twin siblings in the stroller at the store the other day and he just took off! He didn't seem to hear me when I yelled at him and I had a moment of panic wondering how I would be able to chase him down while pushing a double stroller. Thank goodness he chose that moment to look up and realize I wasn't with him! I may actually start using a child harness on him when it's just me and all three little ones. :/

  10. 1. Not answering when you call them.
    2. Hiding in a rack in a store b/c they think it's funny.

  11. Hiding from you and not answering when you yell and start to freak out, panic, check the pool. Ok I am making my self nervous just thinking about it.

    My kids make me a nervous wreak!

    Great post!

  12. Oh my gosh...you so nailed it with this list!!

  13. Camping at a caravan park over the holidays and told the kids we would go to the beach. 9 year old had to take his scooter back to our tent, husband apparently was unclear with instructions, I had stopped at the toilets, 9 year old took "short cut" out of tent site so missed me walking to reception where we were all meeting and he walked across the main road! We were looking in the caravan park and then saw this lonely figure walking over a sandy hill....by the time we got over there, he was an hysterical mess as of course he couldnt find us...we were going to punish him but decided that maybe he had enough...so mine would be crossing the road by themselves! Totally freaked me out, told him he knows that we would never let him cross a road by himself....still makes me feel sick remembering as was only on the weekend....



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