5 Things We Can Learn From Toddlers

2:20 PM

Who says you can't learn things from little ones? They have plenty of things that they can teach us if we only let them. Want to know some of the skills you could posses if you only take some lessons from a toddler? Take a look at these.

1. How To Be Artistic

That's right folks. You can learn all sorts of artistic techniques from toddlers and they work with all kinds of mediums, not just boring old paint and crayons. Try poop, food coloring, powder, its all fair game to a toddler.

2. How To Laugh At Anything

Having trouble finding the fun in everyday life? Take a lesson from a toddler and learn just how funny mundane items can really be.

3. How To Carry On a Conversation About Anything

Some adults never developed the ability to carry on a conversation on any topic. Toddlers however can talk for hours about absolutely nothing at all. Heck, most the time, they don't even make sense.

4. How To Dance

Need to know how to shake your groove thing. Toddlers can help you with that. They are up to date on all the latest moves you know?

5. How To Love Anything

Toddlers can teach you how to love anything. No matter how gross or undesirable it is.

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  1. OMGOsh, I saw that dead squirrel video last week and about died! So funny!

  2. LMAO! I love this, and I'm sooo sharing the dance moves with my readers. That little girl has some mad dance moves lol.

  3. Best post ever!!! I am grinning from ear to ear! The Star Wars girl was too cute!

  4. that dead squirrel thing freaks me the eff out!!

  5. Glad you liked it Beth!

    Yep Heather, that one was just for you! :P

  6. I totally grossed out on the dead squirrel one. I cannot believe the parents let her play with that.... EEWWW! That is just so nasty, she kept wiping her face after touching it, too. {{{SHUDDER}}}
    Thanks for sharing all the great videos.
    Love ya!
    Lorie (Google wont let me sign in)

  7. I would have freaked a little by the dead squirrel too. My kids teach me all kinds of things. Like how to find an imaginary dog named Bastard. If you guess screaming "Bastard" at the top of your lungs, you're pretty much right.



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