15 of The Weirdest Phobias You Probably Never Heard Of

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I was talking with my friends Cheryl and Amanda the other day about posts they put up where they talked about how creepy sock monkeys are and whether that might be a legitimate fear. It turns out that it probably isn't, but there are some really weird fears out there that I bet you have never heard of. These are legit fears, as funny as they may seem to the rest of us and I am sorry for anyone who has them. Hey, I am not one to talk, I am deathly scared of birds myself. Check out this list of some of the weirdest fears!

1. Arithmophobia - Fear of Numbers

That is one way to get out of math class.

2. Fear of Chins - Fear of Chins

I guess I can see this. I mean some are pointy, others look like butts. It could be scary. Right?

3. Ideophobia - Fear of Ideas

It has got to be tough to go through life without every thinking for fear of thinking.

4. Linonophobia - Fear of String

Wow, maybe they are afraid it is a snake or someone is going to strangle them? No idea.

5. Melanophobia - Fear of the Color Black

Me and this person would not get along, since I usually wear something black almost every day.

6. Pentheraphobia - Fear of Your Mother In-Law

Tell me we don't all have this? You know someone developed this just to avoid spending time with her.

7. Verbophobia - Fear of Words

Again, this has got to make school or communication of any kind really rough.

8. Scatophobia - Fear of Fecal Matter

Somewhere right now, there is a man claiming to have this so he doesn't have to change a diaper.

9. Plutophobia - Fear of Wealth

See, I am not money challenged, I just have a fear of wealth I tell ya.

10. Omphalophobia - Fear of Belly Buttons

They do kind of look like a second mouth, which could be kind of freaky I guess.

11. Mageirocophobia - Fear of Cooking

I totally have this! Or at least that is the story I am sticking with.

12. Kleptophobia - Fear of Stealing

Well, that is one way to stay out of trouble.

13. Medomalacuphobia - The Fear of Losing an Erection

Doesn't every man have this? That is why they invented Viagra right?

14. Alliumphobia - Fear of Garlic

Isn't this called being a vampire?

15. Caligynephobia - Fear of Beautiful Women

See, there is hope for me yet. All I need to do is find a man with this fear and he will love me forever!

So, what are you afraid of?

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  1. WOW there are some really crazy ones on that list!

  2. LOL absolutely love the dog photo!

  3. I know Lisa, isn't he great? I thought he would make the perfect choice for this post lol.

  4. Fear of fecal matter? How does he wipe his arse then? lol

  5. math I can relate... but certainly not afraid of wealth ! LOL... I will keep my birds safely away from you, they are outside. I don't care for inside ones, to messy.. ick!

  6. I don't kill the birds, I just am scared of them. Heck, I even feed the humming birds outside, far far away from the house.

    Funny Kas. :)

  7. Wow weird stuff. I'm afraid of too many things, like being home along in the evening, the dark and snakes!

  8. OK, you're right, most of them are weird. But Pentheraphobia? I think a lot of people suffer from that. LOL

    I'm afraid of fire. Since I was a little girl I have always worried that my house would burn down. I have no idea why, either.

  9. Wow! There are some weird ones. But I can kind of relate to the fear of your mother in law! And I am pretty sure my husband has a fear of cooking!

  10. Ok number 1 and 15 are just plain funny. Wish I knew about the first one in high school.

  11. I think there must be a phobia for everything. What exactly are you going to do if you have a fear of chins or fecal matter? Cut off your chin and never poop? Wow!

  12. There are some really strang ones out there. I just have the "normal" ones: spiders, heights, thunderstorms, and green peas. TeeHee



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