10 Unlikely Knighted People

9:36 AM

When I think of a knight, I see a valiant soldier on a mighty stead layered in chain mail. Nowadays, I guess the perception of a knight has had to change to keep up with modern times. Even so, this list of 10 unlikely knighted people includes individuals that I would absolutely never picture as knights. What does it take to be a knight in today's world? Money? Fame? Maybe it is a service you can pay for?

1. Bill Gates (Really?)

2. Steven Spielburg

3. Alfred Hitchcock (Did he scare his way into this knighthood?)

4. Mick Jagger (Yeah, cause he seems like knight material.)

5. Jim Carrey (Funny)

6. Bono (Your guess why is as good as mine)

7. Penelope Cruz (Just for fun, I threw a lady in there.)

8. Alan Greenspan

9. Jerry Lewis

10. Roy Disney (For helping to create the happiest place on Earth!)

Did you know these 10 were knighted?

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  1. that pic of Jim Carey on the beach has me in stitches! Hysterical :)

  2. Jim Carrey knighted really?!

  3. Definitely no way on Jim Carey! LOL!!

  4. Yeah, those do seem really unlikely. How odd.

  5. OK, I know way too much useless crap. I knew almost all of those except maybe 2.

  6. lol Amanda. I really have no idea about any of them. I was really shocked when I heard one of the names and then started to research the others for the post.

    Heather, that picture totally cracks me up too!



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