Most Insane Lady Gaga Outfit Ensembles of All Time

10:46 AM

This weekend, I saw yet another celebrity news story about a Lady Gaga outfit. Now, I am not sure that Lady Gaga is altogether sane and while I do like most of her music, some of it can be a little out there even for me. Whether you love or hate her though, there is no denying that the woman has major balls for wearing some of the things she does. Check out some of the most outrageous Lady Gaga outfit ensembles below.

So what's your take, are these Lady Gaga outfit ensembles a brave statement or just plain crazy?

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  1. holy crap she's nuts. I guess it's her gimmick although it likely turns more people off her music than onto it. Kermit? Really?

  2. The only statement these make is I'm narcisstic, so I don't care what anyone thinks of me, as long as I make them look at me. It's all about me, me, me. That's the statement these make.

  3. I always wondered who actually buys those crazy Haute Couture runway styles. Guess it's Gaga. Think she alone keeps them in business.



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