Mama Say What?

8:30 AM

While watching my 7 year olds' baseball game last night, it occured to me that the sport brings some interesting phrases out of my mouth. In true "Mama say what?" fashion, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things you may hear come out of my mouth if you were to attend one of my boy's baseball games.

"Get that out of your mouth."

"Don't eat grass."

"Get off the ground, you are going to get your pants dirty."

"Balls don't belong there."

"Get your glove on." (I say this a million freaking times I might add!)

"You do not play that position." (This is said as one boy runs across the field to get a ball from a position that clearly belongs to someone else.)

"Stop doing that." (Mom's of boys, you will understand this phrase. That's all I'm sayin.)

"Don't swing the bat around."

"Don't lick the bat."

"Don't hit him with the bat."


Sometimes followed by:

"Run the other way!"

I also have a bad habit of commonly saying the wrong name. For example, last night I told Jayden to "Sit down." The problem with that is, Jase is the child I meant to say it to and Jayden was playing catcher in the game at the time. Jayden and all the parents in the bleachers turned to look at me and wondered why I was telling the poor boy to sit down in a game? All I could say is "Sorry, wrong kid."

Do your kids' sports games cause you to spew out silliness as well? I need a laugh, so why don't you tell me all about it?

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  1. Lol I love it I find myself using the "STOP DO THAT!" and find that some weird things come out of my mouth at play dates and parks and outing. We have yet to start sports as our eldest is only just 5 but I totally see this being my issue in a few years. :D

  2. LOL Thats hysterical! I have said some of the strangest things that I never imagined would come out of my mouth.

  3. 'balls don't belong there' HAHAHAHAHA yes, I'm a child



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