Craziest Treehouses in The World

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When browsing around the web looking for some ideas for treehouses for the boys, I ran across a lot of cool, interesting and just plain crazy designs. Some were just used as playhouses, but others were actual homes that people had made in the trees. How cool would it be to live up in the trees with the birds full time? Check out these crazy treehouses and let me know what you think!

Free Spirit Spheres - Vancouver, Canada

Located in rainforest on the west coast of Vancouver, Canada, these spherical treehouses are a wonder to look at. They are round hotel rooms seemingly floating above the ground and for as low as $135 a night, you can stay in one yourself!

The Horace Burgess Treehouse 

Horace Burgess from Tennessee grew up dreaming about building the worlds' largest treehouse and I think he has reached his goal. With more than 11 stories and 8,000 square feet of space, Horace has built one of the largest treehouses in the world and for a cost of only $12,000.

Naha Harbor Diner - Okinawa, Japan

Okay, so it isn't a real tree, but instead an imitation of a Banyan tree, but it still counts as a treehouse in my book. The Naha Harbor Diner is built in a life size replica of the famous Banyan or upside down tree. Stop in for a bite you won't soon forget and enjoy the view.

Takasugi-an Tea House - Chino, Japan

Teetering upon to chestnut trees, this tea house that was designed and built by its owner is only accessibly by ladders that are propped against its base. This unique treehouses'  name literally means "a tea house too high."

Lantern Treehouse - Santa Monica, California

Built by Roderick Romero, this lantern treehouse is built from reclaimed materials high above the ground in three eucalyptus trees in Santa Monica, California.

Dome Treehouse 

 This dome shaped treehouse is built to be entirely eco-friendly. Perched in an olive tree and built from pine, cork and clay, this structure is the picture of sustainability.

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  1. Wow! We were thinking of building a tree house as well. We have 5 boys and they'd love it! Wish I could get the plans for the TN one! How in the world did he do that for $12,000???

  2. Those are pretty awesome!!! I wanna live in one hehe.

  3. Yeah Belinda, I have no idea how he did it. The only thing I can think is with reclaimed and scrap materials.

  4. Wow those are crazy tree houses. I always wanted one as a child.

  5. Those are cool! I like the geodesic dome one at the end. I've always liked those kinds of regular houses too. My goal is to see the inside of one someday.

  6. Totally awesome! My boys love to climb and would adore having any of these amazing treehouses! I tweeted about your post for you I'm @F5th on Twitter.
    Have a happy weekend!



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