6 Things That Were Easier To Do When You Were Young

8:37 AM

As I was watching a past episode of America's Funniest Home Videos with the boys last night, I about laughed my butt off as a grown man tried to hop on a pogo stick. Have you tried to do this lately? Since becoming an old fogey like myself I mean. It is hard as heck! I bought the boys one for Christmas and something that used to be so easy is now really difficult. When did we become so old and incapable of play? Here are a few things that were easier to do when we were young.

1. Jumping on a Pogo Stick

2. Touching Your Toes

3. Jumping Rope

4. Blowing a Bubble

5. Fractions

6. Running

What other things do you find were easier when you were a child than they are now as an adult?

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  1. cute post! I don't have any trouble with bubble gum these days but don't ask me to do any of those other things!!

  2. rofl yep, all are true rofl

  3. At my age, just getting up from sitting on the floor is a struggle. More things? Have you tried to hula-hoop? Well, granted, you're probably not 57 years old like I am, but that was a funny one for me too. And standing on my head is a laugh too! I can't ride on a skateboard either (oh yeah, I never could do that anyway!).

  4. Doing cartwheels. We were trying to teach my son how to do it the other day and I about killed myself.

  5. Deborah and Lucy, those are great examples lol. For the record, I never could do a cartwheel or do the hula hoop.

  6. I never could touch my toes! But I would add to your list rollerskating, summersaults, and just falling down in general!

  7. I blow bubbles better now! I can't ride a bike like I used to do!

  8. Chewing gum used to be my favorite thing to do! Now they all stick to both of my dentures and it is a site to see!



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