5 Ways Fast Food is Like Crack!

9:33 AM

My family usually tries to avoid fast food. Ever since I made the switch to a healthier lifestyle early last year, we have seriously cut back on our intake of fast food. Every once in a while though, when we are in a rush and have not pre-planned though, we will stop and get something. As I was consuming chicken nuggets from a well known fast food chain yesterday, I started thinking about how fast food is a lot like crack. What is my reasoning? See the reasons listed below.

1. They Both Create Almost Uncontrollable Cravings

This may not make sense to everyone, but fast food is like a drug for many individuals who are addicted to food. Food addiction is serious business people, and for those who suffer from it, the cravings induced by the thought of a mouth watering burger can often propel people off the couch and right into the drive thru lane. Just like crack addicts will leave any time of the day or night to get their fix, so will those who are addicted to fast food.

2. They Both Can Take a Toll on Your Bank Account

You may think it is silly to compare the cost of fast food to that of crack, but have you seen the menu prices in the restaurants lately? If you eat out twice a day even 3 days a week, you can rack up quite a bill, especially if you are taking your whole family with you. Our family of six spent $27 yesterday. Now imagine if we did that several times a week or even more than once a day.

3. You Buy Them Both From Your Car At Often Shady Times Of The Night

Most drive thrus are now open 24/7, making it possible for you to get your fast food fix at 2am. Think about it, both crack and fast food can be bought under the cover of darkness without ever leaving your vehicle.

4. They Do Terrible Things to Your Body

It may take fast food a little longer to destroy your body than crack, but it will do at least as much damage if you continue to eat it on a regular basis for an extended period of time. While the medical and physical risks are obviously different, they are similar in severity.

5. They Both Release Endorphins Into The Blood Stream

This kind of goes hand in hand with the addictive part, but both crack and fast food release endorphins or "feel good hormones" into your blood stream to give you a sense of euphoria. These things trick you into feeling good and provide a quick fix for those who need an emotional pick me up.

Bet you didn't know that fast food and crack were so similar!

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  1. hahah... I love this! your very correct. at our house I call suckers crack on a stick.. lol (not around my kids of course :) but it's soooo true!

  2. So true!!! We try to avoid fast food as much as possible.

  3. #3 makes me giggle even more!

    So true!

    I'm not craving right now though, I have the flu. :)

    Thanks for visiting my party.

    I hope your week is starting great!

  4. I lol'd at #3...a drive through is a momma's saving grace when she needs her starbucks fix but doesn't wanna lug around 2 kids around hot coffee!

  5. Ha ha you are too funny. I agree with all but the last. Now that I am in school for nutrition when I eat fast food few endorphins are released. I just have guilt and want it out of my body but its #1 and #3 that draw me in. When the high wears off I feel like dirt and have guilt.

  6. Had to giggle at this post, I *know* how bad it is for me, I'm even reading abotu how terrible it is, but i cant help but sit here and crave some french fries. goodness.

  7. Funny and TRUE! I spent $28 bucks the other day on 4 of us?! WTH?

  8. You are so funny and so right!
    I haven't had fast food in so long because of the weight I have been trying to lose. My first goal is to get below 150 lbs. right now, and I just can't seem to do it. I am hovering between 151 and 153... DRIVES ME CRAZY!
    At least after the Disney conference, I was only at 152... WooHoo.
    My next goal will then be 130... HaHa

  9. sooooo true.... Damn them and tasting so good.



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