5 Of The Best April Fool's Day Pranks Ever!

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I have to admit that I have personally dropped the ball on April Fool's Day this year. I just am not in a pranking sort of mood I guess. However, it is really fun to read about all of the epic pranks each year and I thought that today we could look back on 5 of the best April Fool's Day pranks ever!

1. YouTube's RickRoll'd Prank of 2008

On April 1st, 2008, YouTube took the Rick Roll'd prank to a whole new level, as they essentially overtook every video on the site.

2. Burger King Introduces The Left-Handed Whopper

In 1998, Burger King provided one of the best April Fool's Day pranks when they announces the creation of the left-handed Whopper in a full page ad in USA today. Supposedly, the condiments on said new Whopper were supposed to be rotated 180 degrees to make it easier for lefties to eat them. What is sad is that they actually had to issue a press release the next day stating the ad was fake because thousands of people went into the restaurants asking for the left-handed Whoppers. lol

3. Taco Bell Buys The Liberty Bell

Americans across the nation threw a major hissy fit in 1996 when Taco Bell told everyone that they had bought the Liberty Bell and would be renaming it the "Taco Liberty Bell." When Mike McCurry the White House press secretary at the time was asked about the sale of the bell, he got in on the April Fool's Day fun by stating that the Lincoln Memorial has also been sold and would be known as the "Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial." Got to love a politician with a sense of humor.

4.Google Reads Your Mind

While Google can certainly help you find information on almost any topic, they took their powers to a whole new level on April Fool's Day 2000. On this day, Google unveiled their so-called Mentalplex Technology that would allow Google to read your mind and provide you with the information you were looking for, without you having to type a single word. Visitors stared at a revolving shape on the screen and were taken to an April Fool's Day results page. How is that for mind reading?

5. Starbuck's Offers Creative New Sizes

Last year, Starbuck's created an April Fool's Day joke that even got some media attention. The national chain of stores announced on Twitter that they would be adding two new coffee cup sizes to better serve their customers. The Plenta would hold an enormous 128 ounces of liquid and the Micra would hold only 2. Check out the video below for a laugh.

What are your April Fool's Day prank plans?

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  1. These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello, I just found your web site :)
    Ha love the first one :D

  3. We just got brand new computers at the office (like BRAND NEW as of yesterday!!!). So I cut up a little piece of a post it note and stuck it on the lazer part of the mouse (and wrote "April Fools" on it with a smiley face). So the mouse (and therefore cursor) won't work! I did it to two of my three owners and the sales people. I have only gotten one of the bosses so far. He freaked out for about 5 minutes, shutting down the computer and everything before he caught on. So far, so good!


  4. Erin, that is hilarious lol. Glad to see that your bosses have a sense of humor. :)

  5. what a fun post, Kathleen you're a hoot :)

  6. I know I was already here but had to come visit your April Fools post from the comment luv on my site. I need me a gallon of coffee! Wow! What if it were true :)

  7. Henrietta, I am pretty sure that much coffee in a day would do really bad things to your body. lol.

    Thanks Heather, I aim to please!

  8. That starbucks one got me last year lol

  9. ok, these are really funny. I remember the youtube rick roll...but I don't remember the others. See how good I pay attention?

  10. SO funny! I never do anything on april fools because I'm way too gullable and when someone plays a prank on me, I get angry. :p



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