Straight From Matt Jacobson's Mouth - 4 Steps to Success on Facebook

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On the second day of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we were privelaged enough to hear from a variety of amazing and talented speakers. I have already done a post on the CRAP that Chris Brogan had to say and now, I would love to share some words of wisdom from Matt Jacobson, the head of market development at Facebook. I was really excited to hear from this speaker, as I have been looking for ways to increase my following and interaction with readers on Facebook and he did not disappoint!

One of the things that impressed me the most about Matt Jacobson is how down to Earth he is and how he is open to new ideas, even from a bunch of mom bloggers. At one point, a blogger asked if there was any way to make the topics under the discussion tab on a fan page searchable and Mr. Jacobson said he would look into that, as it was not a thought that Facebook had ever had before. It says a lot about Facebook as a company and Matt as a person, that they would take the feedback received at this event into consideration.

4 Steps to Success on Facebook
  1. Create a Facebook page for your blog and post stories from your blog there using the "notes" tool. It was discussed throughout his talk that it is important to keep your personal and professional identities separate on Facebook. This way, it makes it easier to brand for your business and sensor what the public is and is not able to see using your personal page's privacy settings. Mine have always remained separate, but it is something to consider if you currently have your identities linked on Facebook.
  2. Integrate social plugins on your blog, such as the "like" button. Even Chris Brogan mentioned how much more powerful a "like" on Facebook is. Things like re-tweets are great, but they fade into the distance in a short period of time. "Likes" remain in a static place and let others share and gauge the popularity of content. Using a simple "like" button plugin on your blog can go a long way.
  3. Advertise to target your key audience and build your business. There are many opportunities for targeted advertisement with Facebook and you can grow your blog with targeted new readers that will really help you grow over time.
  4. Use the Facebook insights tool to better understand your audience and what they want. This is an amazing tool that I was not even fully aware of. I had seen the brief statistical information below each post on my fan page wall, but I never thought much about it. Below is an example of how to access the insights for your fan page.

There is no doubt that there is great marketing and networking power within the walls of Facebook. Moms are using Facebook each day to tell their stories and 50% of moms are using Facebook to learn about new brands and products. A story was shared with us about the 93 Dollar Club and how it all started with an act of kindness at the grocery store and quickly grew into over $120,000 being donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.  When utilized properly and with the right content, Facebook can be a powerful tool that can be used to grow your blog.

Do you use Facebook to network for your blog? Have any helpful tips of your own, feel free to share them below!

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  1. I too loved that Matt was so down to earth and he won me when he said, "I'll help you with that!"

  2. I need to set up a facebook page for my blog - right now, I'm just using my personal page and I know it's limiting me.

  3. Good info, I have thought about doing a univeral like button on my blog home page. I hear that works wonders too.

  4. We have been bugging you to get that fan page Heather, it is time lol.

    Lucy, I need to get one on mine too. I have the plugin so people can "like" my blog without leaving, but not a button to "like" individual posts.

  5. He really was so easy to listen to & had great info. I still use my personal FB page for my blog as that was the only reason I joined FB & it seems to be still working for me.
    Your FB page is terrific.

  6. I try to interact with my readers, but then no one talks back to me. Then I'm lonely and I look like an idiot. ;)



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