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 It is no secret that I am no girly girl and spend most of my days in jeans and black t-shirts. In an effort to look my best and be a little more feminine, I spent three days looking for clothes that might possibly look okay on me. I have no lost all the weight I want to yet, so going shopping is still painful, but hopefully I came up with a few outfits that can be used for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. Please weight in with your opinions or suggestions in the comment section. This fashion challenged mama needs some help!

Disney Social Media Moms Agenda
  • 1st day: We have a welcome reception at the Wedding Pavilion next to the Grand Floridian, a Platinum Soiree fashion show and then a family dinner. I think this is the most formal or dressy event.
  • 2nd day: This is a conference session day and most the day will be spent in the conference center with a family dinner at Disney Hollywood Studios that night.
  • 3rd day: This is an optional activity day in the morning with free time with the family in the afternoon and a family dinner at night. I believe the optional activities will likely be outside and may be a bit active, although we have not been told yet.
With that being said, these are the outfits I have to choose from. If you could tell me which ones you like and maybe for which day, or if you see some pieces that would look better together than others, feel free to let me know that too! If you hate them all and they all make me look like those hippos in tutus from Fantasia, then I should probably know that too. :)

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

Outfit #5
Excuse the sticker that is still down the front of this one.

Outfit #6

Outfit #7


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  1. I love them all but I LOVE #2, #4 and #7! LOVE #4!

    Where did you get the green cardigan? :-p I am looking for a navy one I like and can not find it!

    I need to go shopping tomorrow!

  2. #3 would be perfect for the sessions day.
    Those black capris you could wear with any of the tops.
    I think the tops from 4 & 7 would also look good with the long tan pants.
    good options, mama! Can't wait to meet you all,

  3. Having gone to the conference last year, I have to say that ALL of your outfits are perfect for the conference. The hotel conference areas are cold, so the sweaters are great. Then you can take them off to hang out at the park with our family. You really hit this one square on the head. You are dressed to have a good time.

  4. Thanks so much ladies. I had to do some trial and error and return a few things. lol

  5. #1, #2 and #6 are my favs. ADORE #1 actually!

  6. Hi! I agree with J.R., plan to have layers so you don´t freeze in the conference rooms and can peel off the cardigan when you´re outside. 2 is perfect for the conference day (3, too, looks business casual) and although we don´t know much about Sat., 4 looks perfect for that day. Outfit 1 I´m guessing the photo doesn´t do justice to the blouse. Since we won´t be walking in the park, try outfit 1 with a small heel or wedge sandal and a longer necklace. The green looks really pretty with your coloring! Look forward to seeing you soon!

  7. Yes, the blouse in #1 is really nice in person, in the picture it just kind of comes out as an oversize bag lol, I think it hangs well in person though?

  8. 2, 3, 4 are my favs but don't take my opinion for much because as I mentioned...I suck at fashion :)

  9. They look great!

    Day 1-Outfit 1

    Day 2-Outfit 3

    Day 3- Outfit 5, 6, or 7!

    Hope that helped!!

  10. Day 1- Outfit 1

    Day 2- Outfit 2

    Day 3- Outfit 7

    Is that a tattoo I see?? You look awesome.

    Meet me over at my new personal blog

  11. Thanks Katie, it is a tattoo. I git it shortly after my dad passed away years ago. It is a shamrock with wings and his initials over my heart. Unfortunately, most things don't cover it up.

  12. I agree with Jeanette, the photo doesn't do the green blouse justice. And I agree with your repsonse to her, it hangs so loosely on your that it almost seems too baggy and not flattering. But I am sure it flows nicely as you move and I LOVE the colors.

    Day one - outfit #3 although if that shirt really is prettier in person wear that outfit.

    My favorite outfit on you (and the most flattering in the pics) is the 2nd one. I love it! I'd wear that on day 2. I love the length of the pants that gives you height and the black slims your legs.

    Outfit 3 is my other favorite, so take that with you. Don't know which day but I love how those layers all look together.

    And for being active and walking around the park - shorts from outfit #4 with tops from outfit #6. I love that blue on you and the black shorts look better than the khaki in my opinion :)

    Have fun!! Wish I was going!

  13. I like outfit #1 for the reception, #3 for the Friday sessions, and #6 for the parks. :D

    I'm getting so excited, I can't wait to see what you pick!

  14. LOVE the choices!
    Happy to see that someone else is considering capris for the Thursday reception. I was thinking the same thing - black capris with a cute top and cute shoes.

    Now I really need to think about my choices!


  15. Good choices! I love outfits 1 and 3 especially.

  16. How fun! My favorites are probably 2, 3, and 6. I would say 3 is probably the most dressy.

  17. Really can't thank-you ladies enough for your opinions and suggestions! I feel a lot better about my choices now.

    Melissa- the green cardigan came from Target, they were on sale for $20. Don't know if they still are or not.

  18. I Like 6,7, and 2

  19. I prefer simple and comfortable--love #2 and #7. #1 feels dressier, if you need that

  20. Adorable. Pair them with some ballet flats and you're good to go!



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