Custom Made Disney World Children's Shirts

12:24 PM

Our trip to Disney World for vacation and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is only a week away and I just finished the boys shirts for the trip. I used TransferMations iron on transfers to make the shirts and they were super easy to use. I think the shirts came out great and I thought I would share them here with you. I still have one last shirt to make, so look for a tutorial post early next week.

Joshua's Shirts

Jordan's Shirts

Jayden's Shirts

Jase's Shirts

Have you made custom shirts for your little ones? I would love to see them!

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  1. Those came out so well! How fun is that! When I got married I made t-shirts that said Bride/Groom and we wore them to the gift opening etc the day after. It was a hoot :)

  2. Those are cute! I try not to put my kids' names on their shirts or anything else of theirs though. It's a personal safety thing so strangers can't walk up and act like their friend and address them by name.

  3. Thanks ladies, the boys are really excited to wear them.

    Amanda, I usually don't ever put their names on anything, but these shirts are for the conference days and they will be with either my mom or I at every moment. I don't let me kids go anywhere alone. The youngest two hold our hands at all times when we are at Disney as well, so I really don't think it is a threat.

    If someone wanted to take them, all they would have to do is wait around for me to say their names, which I do all the time and then they would know it just the same as seeing it on a shirt.

  4. Kath... you are so clever and they are the most adorable shirts. I cannot wait to see you and the boys in those shirts.
    I am getting so excited to see YOU!!!

    5 Days - 21 Hours - 16 Minutes - 39 Seconds!!

  5. Thanks Lori! I know, it is so close I can hardly believe it. Can't wait!

  6. Great idea!! I have a "friend" of mine who takes a picture of her boys at the beginning of the zoo, in case they get lost or separated, she'll have a picture of their outfits and such.

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    Boy am I glad to have come across your blog! I was doing a Google search to order personalized Disney World vacation tees for my family of four and have had no luck. Frustrating to say the least! I found one site, Occasion Prints, that never has replied to any 4 of the messages I left on their site or Facebook page and now my time is limited. So YAY happy to see what you've done here! Beautiful shirts I must say! So of course now I would like to ask where you purchased these iron ons? Now that time is short I will have to create our shirts myself too so would love to tackle this project ASAP and will GREATLY appreciate any site links or whatever you can give me to help! Thank you so much for your time and I eagerly await a response from you. God bless, Sarah

  8. Hi Sarah,

    The brand is TransferMations and they were purchased at Michaels. They are very easy to use and since they are fabric, you just iron them straight onto the shirt and they become part of it. Be sure to follow the instructions for washing and care or they will be ruined after only one washing.

    You can go to the DISigns section of the DISboards to find tons of different designs by various people. If your trip is really soon, you will need to find people who have customizable blank designs in their photobuckets and add the names yourself. I used picnik to add mine, because the wait times to have someone customize designs for you can be quite long since the do it for free.



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