Cherishing Disney Memories!

11:33 AM

As I get ready for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and our yearly vacation to Disney World, I wanted to share a few memories with you all that help explain just why I cherish this place so much. I will share a few of my favorite pictures from our trips below.

When my oldest was 3 and my second oldest was 2, I was a very poor single mom. I had very little income to spare and the boys often did without a lot. I made a decision to take them on one trip to Disney each year and we have only missed on year since.

To me, there is no greater place to build lasting memories. We can sit for an entire weekend at a time and look at old photos of our trips and replay those memories over and over again. These are the things my children will remember as they age. This quality time together and wonderful memories, not that expensive electronic game system or toy. Lots of people who don't understand think it is a waste of money and pointless, but it is a full week each year of nothing but building lasting memories as a family and you just can't out a price tag on that.

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  1. I really can't wait to take the girls to Disney. I wish I could pull it off every year like you do, but we try to do something as a family every few months (like the zoo, or a water park, etc) I think it's so important!

  2. The only reason I can make it there every year is because we live in Florida and can drive. Plus, Disney offers really awesome discounts to FL. residents. If I didn't live here, we wouldn't be able to afford it every year.

    We don't really have zoos or water parks nearby, so it is easy just to save up and do one big thing each year.

  3. I loved what you wrote. Those memories will last a lifetime and you can't put a price on them. Thanks for linking up and sharing your pictures of your boys! See you real soon

  4. I'm getting excited for you! Can't wait until we can make the trip

  5. It looks like you guys have such an awesome time there.

    I can't wait until I can take my boys.

  6. LOVE those photos... and the scrapbook pages.
    You have a lot of the same photos that I do, they bring back such wonderful memories. We would do the same thing as you... save our money to do a Disney trip every year until we moved down here. It's the best trip ever.
    See you SOON!!! WooHoo!!

  7. I'm SO glad to have met you and I totally agree about Disney and making memories. We do the same thing. We might not have the biggest TV or the newest phones, but we make Disney.



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