When Did I Stop Being Cool? - 10 Reasons I Am No Longer The Bomb!

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Okay, so there is a 99.9% chance that I was never cool and it was all just in my head, but to my kids, I used to be a super hero. They used to fight for my attention, spend hours letting me cuddle with them during movie time and hold my hand in public without thinking twice. Then one day, I developed the plague and have forever been banished into the land of geekdom. When did I stop being cool? Here are the top 10 reasons I am not longer the bomb and will forever be an outcast to my aging children.
10. I actually believe that you shouldn't look like Cousin It and your hair should be out of your eyes.
9. I do not believe that Oreos are a healthy snack and lollipops are not a fruit even though they are fruit flavored.
8. I may or may not be guilty of flapping my arms and running around the house pretending to be a fairy. (Hey, this used to be cool?)
7. I make vegetables with every meal and actually expect them to eat the half a spoonful they were given.
6. I won't spend $200 on an iPod that they will likely lose or break within the first week of use.
5. I won't let them wear chains on their pants to school. Yeah, like they need one more weapon!
4. I think Hannah Montana is the devil and have banned her from my home.
3. I change the radio station if a song comes on that I know has inappropriate content in it.
2. I won't let them have cell phones.
1. The number one reason why I am no longer cool. I actually speak to or acknowledge them in public and occasionally dare to try and hug them*gasp*.
There you have it boys and girls, the top ten reasons I am not longer the bomb. What is sad, is that most of the things on that list used to make me cool and now they just make me a dork. Tweens are fickle little creatures.

Are you uncool too? Want to join me team of geekdom moms?

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  1. Mine is almost 2 so I don't have this problem.....yet. But I feel the same way about Hanna Montana, although I also have banned Sponge Bob from our home. And I will not let him have a cell phone either (when the time comes) I lived through having a "land line" as a teen so will he. I have noticed that dealing with teens out in the world I am no longer cool or "with it" as they use slang and I sit there with the same expression I remember my mother having when I was a teen....you know the one where you are thinking "When did that word start getting used that way, and was what they just said bad or good?" The circle of life.... and I am in the middle :)

  2. Oh, I know the look and the feeling. I hear some of the lingo today and I am sure I should feel insulted at times, but I honestly can't decipher what they just said. :)

  3. WHAT??? Oreos aren't healthy??

  4. I know Dee, it came as quite a shock to the boys too. :)

  5. This is starting to happen in my house. But I'm dealing with it, since I was uncool well before I had kids.

  6. Yeah, my five year old is starting to be bold and talk back, doesn't want kisses, wants to eat only sweets...

  7. Yeah, I'm not cool either, and my son isn't even a teen yet. I was just never that cool to start with, lol.

  8. I am soooooooo with you on all of those. And I'm ok with not being cool. ;)

  9. You might as well add me to the club! My girls hate when I change the radio station. The minute I hear something I don't like, I move like fastere than the speed of light!

  10. I'm still cool with my 3yo and I'm ok with it...but I won't lie. I might like it when she decides to leave me alone for more than 2.5 seconds.

    ps - hair in the face thing is horrible. I'm with ya mama!

  11. Welcome to the club for the uncool ladies! For those who still hold super hero status, enjoy it while it lasts.

  12. LOL! I'm lucky I guess. My boys are still little and so I'm still cool.

  13. I'm cool to my 3 year old. Now my 8 year old son that is another story. I use to get kisses when I dropped him off at school, now it's the quickest peck on my cheek! Oh and potato chips should be a veggie to my son lol...I don't think so! So I'm joining the club of uncool:(

  14. I'm still cool, for now. I honestly can't wait for the day that I dance in public JUST to see my kids faces. And this, my friends is why I'm saving for therapy and not university.

  15. Awww you are making me sad cuz Im still so cool. I hope these days are far off for me. Both my sons still cuddle me and I never want that to stop.. I will hug them and embarrass them as long as I can:)



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