What Happens When You Die?

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Do you know what will happen when you die? No, I am not dragging you into some religious debate. I have my opinion and you likely have yours and that is all okay. What I am talking about is are you prepared in the event that you meet an untimely death? What will happen to your children? Will there be enough money for your family once you are gone? Does anyone know your wishes for your funeral? These are things that no one, especially a mom likes to think about, but they are oh so important to handle now before it is too late.

For me, this is an especially touchy subject because my children have already lost a parent. My ex-husband passed away almost two years ago and so I am the last living parent for my three oldest. What will happen to them if I die today? I have no idea and that is a problem.

Without a will in place, the authorities could place my children with the state until a family member could petition the court for guardianship and there would be no way for me to weigh in on who that family member is.I currently have no life insurance, so there would be no money for a funeral or to fund my children's college education. The only money they would have to provide for their care would be their father's survivor benefits and mine as well.

I have drawn up a list of things that are important to handle, especially if you have minor children. I have already taken the steps to have all of these in place so that my family is protected in the event of my death.
  • Designation of a Guardian for your minor children.
  • A will outlining the beneficiary of your assets.
  • Health Care Directive or Living Will expressing your wishes for medical care if you are unable to make the decisions on your own.
  • Medical Consent Forms for your children should they need care after you pass or if you are severely injured for an extended period of time.
  • Life Insurance Policy that provides financially for your funeral and your child's care if you pass.
So, what happens when you die? Are you prepared?

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  1. These are good ideas Kathleen. I don't have any assets, so I never thought about making or having a will. But I suppose I should have something in place to my boys don't go to the State.

  2. Thank you for posting this! So true and need to think about. My husband is getting our life insurance panned out this week and we already sorted through with a lawyer and made an "estate." Money sucks. LOL

  3. we are not prepared and I know it's something we really need to get on top of.

  4. This is something we need to do. My husband had a will done up quickly for himself by JAG before he deployed, but we need a real one. I'm terrified of who will take care of the boys since they're both special needs.

  5. Before Violet was born we met with a lawyer and had our will and estate plans taken care of. I think it's super important for anyone who has children!

  6. We are prepared. Its not perfect but we are getting there. Im so sorry about your exhusband. I hope over time the kids are doing better and you too.

  7. In California, having a Will is just not enough for most people. They need a revocable living trust so that their estate can avoid a long and expensive probate court proceeding. But making this determination is one of the most important reasons that people should consult with an experienced estate planning attorney in their own area in the first place. To leave a lasting fulfilling legacy for your loved ones, don't rely on anything less.

  8. Many people are not aware of the importance of having life insurance; and therefore, do not understand the impact it has on the living survivors. Most of the time there is little or not enough money to pay for the funeral, much less any money left over to maintain the day-to-day living for the loved ones that are left behind (minor children, husband/wife. Having life insurance if very important and is part of living. One lady told me that insurance is a racket or scam that leaches off the poor and plays on their fears. She is so wrong. We pay for what we want, but have to beg for what we need.



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