The Ultimate Shred Showdown - Will I Get Beat By A 10 Year Old?

9:01 AM

Seven days ago I began the 30 Day Shred...again! Yes, I say again because the last time, I did it about three times before quitting. Saturday was my sixth straight day in a row of doing the Shred and I was beginning to get a little more comfortable. There was this nagging pain however and I just had to do something about it...

That pain came in the form of my 10 year old son. You see, in the days leading up to the ultimate Shred showdown, he would make comments like "It's a girl, how hard can it be?" Needless to say, this made me upset on a number of levels. Here I was huffing and puffing praying for death during each workout and he was acting like it was a walk in the park. So, on Saturday, we agreed to meet in my room at 4:00pm for a showdown!

I was confident I had this in the bag. I placed bets with Matt about how long he would last before he crawled from the room in defeat. I mentally pictured doing my own version of a touchdown victory dance complete with virtual football spiking as I triumphed over him. In short, I was confident in Jillian's ability to bring even a 10 year old boy to his knees. Come 4pm on Saturday afternoon, this is what happened.

Warm Up:

Me: Are you ready?

Him: Yeah, no problem.

Me: You can quit anytime you want you know?

Him: It will be okay, I can do it.

Me: Starting to breath a little faster during jumping jacks.

Him: Is this it?

1st Circuit

Me: This is going to get a little harder.

Him: Okay

Me: Are you okay? (Said as I am trying my best to power through the first cardio set of jumping jacks and jump rope)

Him: Yeah. Is this still warm up? (Not even a bead of sweat on his face I tell you)

Me: Okay, you are going to have to do pushups.

Him: Oh, these are just girl pushups?

Me: No, you can do regular ones if you want.

Him: Okay. Are you going to keep doing girl pushups?

Me: Yes. (Hanging my head in shame)

Him: Yay! Situps!

Me: Well, they are crunches.

Him: Oh I like those too.

Circuit 2

Him: Is it okay to touch the ground with our knee? (Said during front lunges)

Me: You can go down further if you want, but don't touch the ground completely with your knee.

Him: Mom, why is that lady barely doing anything. (He was watching Anita do the modified buttkicks while kicking his feet up all the way.

Me: Because some people watching the video can't do them all the way.

Him: Oh, well they are easy. (Still no sweat or heavy breathing)

Him: Yay, we get to lay down again. (Ab work)

Me: Yep, it is my favorite part.

Circuit 3

Me: We're almost done.

Him: Really? Can we do it again?

Me: Not today.

In short folks, I had my butt kicked by a 10 year old boy. Apparently children are a lot more in shape than we give them credit for. Oh what I wouldn't give to be a kid again. I had expected him to cave in defeat and instead, I didn't even get the pleasure of seeing a bead of sweat drip from his brow. I lost the ultimate Shred showdown ladies and gentlemen. Excuse me while I go Shred in shame.

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  1. Lol way to funny. Jillian kicked my butt and I quit after 4 days. I really wanna start again though. Good luck!

  2. Nichol, you should definitely start again. I am bound and determined to finish it this time around!

  3. HAHA My 9 yo son kicked my butt playing the Michael Jackson Experience on the wii yesterday. Every dance, I was beaten shamelessly by my rhythmless son.

  4. I hate Jillian! She's mean to me! I used to work out with my daughter and she wouldn't even break a sweat!

  5. So glad to hear I am not the only one being beat by their kids. I won't even go near any of the dancing games, I know I would meet my match that way. lol

  6. I love Jillian and know she'd scare me into shape!

  7. at least you have a workout buddy! Good luck with the rest of it all :)

  8. omg, that is the most hilarious thing EVER! I bet Jillian could beat me. She's 2.5 and in a wheelchair. :)

  9. thanks for the play by play sounds like a work out i can attempt of course minus the commentary from a 10 yr old boy... I think I'll wait til my 10 yr old daughters not around... i may catch the same thoughts from here.

    Wtg ON working out I can't wait to hear how your progess is going. I wish wes tarted a group thing the same days. It would of been nice to cheer eachother on. Now I have to find my copy of that.

  10. Well I think its wonderful to hear with all the child obesity running around. Your 10 year old should be able to kick your butt. You have given a lot of energy giving birth. You should be proud that he didnt break a sweat it means he is healthy:)

  11. I forgot to mention. I am part of a 30 day shred group on Facebook where we help cheer each other on and keep each other accountable. If you would like to join, just go here There are no 10 year old boys in the group, so you are safe from ridicule.

  12. That is TOO funny! Hey, at least he's in shape, you get brownie points for being such a good mom ... but at this point I'm guessing you're gonna use those points for carrots! LOL - Good luck! Getting in the habit of working out is not what I want to do right now, but I know I need to!

  13. Hunter thinks it's fun to do the shred with me. But he's not coordinated enough yet., Though he says I do a great job... and keeps talking to me while I'm concentrating on not dying. LOL.



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