Something I Have Never Tried - Being Pretty!

2:19 PM

 I know it sounds odd to say that I have never tried being pretty in my life. Growing up, I was the awkward girl with frizzy hair and thick plastic rimmed glasses. I never felt beautiful and became a tomboy at an early age. I avoid pink, never really learned how to apply makeup and have become very good friends with my ponytail.

Entering motherhood at an early age, it became clear that I would be lucky to even get a shower on a daily basis, let alone be able to make myself over each morning. Now, it is a blessing to take five minutes for myself in the morning before the fighting breaks out among the boys.

For just one day, I would love to try being pretty. I have never had a professional picture taken of myself, not even at my wedding. To really get dolled up for the camera and have a picture where I can remember that for just one day, I was that pretty girl. You know the type. That woman who sweeps past you in the grocery store when you are covered in snot and spit-up and she is perfectly chic and breathtaking from head to toe. To have actual photo proof that at least for that brief fleeting moment, I was capable of being truly pretty and put together would mean the world to me!

I am confident that with the help of some awesome products like the new Pantene Medium-Thick formula from the Medium-Thick frizzy to smooth collection, I could be a knockout, if only for a moment! I can't imagine how much of a confidence booster this would be.

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  1. Oh, Kathleen! I think you ARE beautiful! I met you, I know, and I wouldn't lie! You are tall and have a confidence that I envy.

    I hope you get your moment. I hope you win this prize! I know how fabulous it is.

  2. It isn't that I think I am the ugliest thing ever. I have just never had the opportunity to feel really pretty and chic. It is hard to explain lol.

    You know I love you though and I thank-you for your kind words. :)

  3. I agree with Rhea, you're totally beautiful. I was much like you growing up as well. A HUGE tomboy. I think whoever gave me 2 girls, with one of them being a girly girl. She LOVES to wear dressed. THAT didn't happen from me. (maybe Adam was a cross dresser growing up?) now, I usually do my hair and makeup if I'm going somewhere fancy. LOL!

  4. I know what you mean about just wanting to be pretty for a day. To just get your hair out of that pony tail, get a nice shower, and do some makeup. To be put together, and not look like a mom. I feel the same way a lot of days.

  5. It seems like with kiddos we forget who we are as women. Good luck in the contest.

  6. I agree with the others! I think you are beautiful!

  7. I think you are a beautiful woman inside and out. Good luck with the contest!

  8. Kathleen, you could of been writing about me! Are we twins form another mother? You do have an inner beauty and strength, as a mother of 2 boys I know! and you have 4! I wish you the best of luck with your wish, and cab i sneak in your suitcase if you do??



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