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Have you ever wished that you could have just one more hand? I know that I have wished and prayed for an additional limb on more than one occasion. With four little boys and one grown-up one to take care of and cook for, the task can often be overwhelming and usually messy. Recently, I was given the chance to take a look at a product that isn't even available on the market yet. The Bag Holder is a solution for everyone's kitchen and is literally like having another hand ready and willing to help.
{In Their Words}
"A Kitchen Lovers Best Friend! Build all your meals in The Bag Holder to save Money,Time, Space and have Contamination and Clean up free counters. Watch 2 videos and you will be sold!! Don't be left holding the bag!"
{What Does The Bag Holder Do?}

The Bag Holder is not just for those who like to freeze tons of meals ahead of time or for those who use their crock pots on a regular basis. The Bag Holder can be used by anyone who wants to save time, money and above all else space! Making meals will not longer take up tons of bowls, pans and storage containers. It can replace all of the mess and wasted space.

The product is surprisingly thick and durable, not a thin piece of plastic that will break easily. The Bag Holder is dishwasher and microwave safe, is heat resistant and is designed to work with any brand gallon size storage bag. It always stays in place and eliminated the need for you to hold on to the bag while pouring, mixing and otherwise creating meals, mixes, marinades and ingredients in the kitchen. It can also be used to help clean and reuse the bags and store items bought in bulk, further saving you money.

{How Can The Bag Holder be Used?}
  • As a replacement for mixing bowls.
  • In place of plastic storage containers that have to be kept upright and take up tons of space in the fridge, freezer and your cabinets.
  • Instead of dirtying counter space while you roll out dough, rice crispy treats or cookie mixes, just place it in The Bag Holder and roll the bag out flat, eliminating messy counters.
  • To store meals, cooked meats and other ingredients in a space saving way for the fridge, freezer or pantry.
  • To instantly marinate meats, create mixes and other ingredients such as chopped vegetables or cracker crumbs.
  • Cleaning bags is a breeze with The Bag Holder. Place it under the water give the bag a once over with a soapy sponge and rinse clean to use bags over and over again.
  • Stores leftovers for future use. You can even heat up the leftovers in the bag holder since it is microwave safe!
  • Eliminates germs and messes that would otherwise be caused when transferring and pouring foods and raw meats into different containers. 
  • Over 130 recipes on The Bag Holder Facebook page can be instantly built, mixed and stored in the product with no mess.
{See For Yourself}

Want to see this product in action. Take a look at the video below to see how two meals can be made and stored in less that 5 minutes with The Bag Holder. You can also watch more space saving and money saving videos about this product on Facebook.

{Want to Buy It?}

If you are wondering how you can get your hand on The Bag Holder, head on over to their Facebook page and click the "like" button. This will keep you informed of further information about when the product will be released as well as more ways to use it and delicious money saving recipes.

* I was compensated for my time in writing up this advertorial post, but all thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and were not influenced by any other means.

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