5 Things Moms Can't Do When Sick

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I know just the thought of a mom not being able to do something us absolutely unthinkable, we are gosh darn super heros for goodness sake! However, after being as sick as a dog and feeling like donkey doo for the last few days, I have come up with a short list of five things moms can't do while sick. Well, maybe not all moms, it may just be me who suffers from these deficiencies, but I like to make myself feel better and think it pertains to all moms. So there.

1. You Can't Call in Sick to Work

That's right folks, motherhood is the one job that just won't let you take time off. That means that no matter how delirious that fever gets, you just have to struggle through and take care of the kiddos while simultaneously trying not to pass the germs along. Talk about feats of super hero capacity!

2. You Can't Make Children Understand

One would think that your children would love you so much that once you nicely explained to them for the umteenth time that "mommy is not feeling well," they would understand that just for one day they need to be well behaved angels. Yeah right! What alien world am I living in right? If anything, kids know they can take advantage of your situation to break in that new mattress on your bed, because you just don't have the energy to tell them to quit jumping.

3. You Can't Make Gourmet Meals

As hard as I may try, plan or plot, I have yet to be able to make a gourmet or even healthy meal while sick. When burning up with fever, hacking up my lungs or shivering from an arctic chill, I find it difficult to stand for any length of time, let alone prepare a meal for six people. That is why when I am sick, meals consist of takeout (yuck, I know), cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Trust me, any of these options is going to taste better than anything Matt would attempt to cook.

4. You Can't Be Held Responsible For What You Say

We have an unspoken rule in this house, that whatever mommy agrees to when sick is not permissible in a court of law. My children learned long ago that if they asked me for something when I was sick I would just say sure to keep from having to argue about the unfairness of daring to say no. Now, I am no longer held accountable for my words while sick.

5. You Can't Cuddle With Your Little Bugs

This is the hardest part of being sick for me. I am used to plenty of hugs and cuddles from the boys and when you are a mom and sick, you must abstain from these rituals at the risk of having a house full of projectile vomiting. I do miss my cuddles when sick, but make up for it when I am all better.

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  1. We can't just lay around and complain :) We have to suck it up, because really, there is very little sympathy. When men are sick, they are big babies and get to play the part. At least in my household...

  2. UGH. I hate being sick! I just wish I could have a day to sleep...but that is never gonna happen.

  3. I am with you on all of that and how it usually happens around here is the boys and daddy will get sick at the same time and I will have to take care of them. But weeks later it will finally hit me and I have no one to take care of me and still have to do everything, the way it is.

  4. there is nothing worse than having to cook while trying not to drip or cough on the food. Ugh. Being sick is the worst!

  5. I really think there should have been a clause on their birth certificate to include paid time off. :)

  6. Great points ladies. Sharon, I agree. They are always sick first and I take care of them all and then they make me sick and no one is around to nurse me back to health.

    Cheryl- I agree lol. Paid time off would have been nice.

  7. You can't care for sick kids when you are sick...or at least not as well as you usually do. I am getting over a bout of bronchitics and pneumonia and my 4 year old was still feeling ill. But Super Mom that I have to be still had to take care of him. When all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Oh and if Hubby lets me sleep in that doesn't mean I get to sleep. It just means I get to answer questions and solve problems while lying down.

  8. Moms get the short end of the stick every single time. We're expected to do so much for everyone else, but when we get sick? Nope, we still have to do everything! Such a vicious and cruel cycle!



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