30 Day Shred Update - Creating A Food Journal

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Last week, I posted about my Ultimate Shred Showdown with my 10 year old. I wanted to post an update of my 30 Day Shred results so far. It has not always been easy, but I had a sense of determination this time that I just didn't have the last time I tried to do the Shred. I am also going to share a really useful tool with you that I use to create a food journal so I know exactly what I am putting into my body each day.

30 Day Shred Results Day 13

Today is my 13th day of the 30 Day Shred and will be my third day on Level 2. I have only missed two days and that is due to an injury that I have gotten, but I am toughing through it at this point. I somehow hurt the inside ankle area of my right foot and it was probably from doing the program without shoes for the first 7 days or so since I have broken that ankle twice before anyway. I am keeping it iced, modifying the cardio by replacing any jumping exercises with the elliptical machine and am taking ibuprofen. I still do the workout each day, but I rest my foot the rest of the time.

So what about those results? I have actual noticeable arm muscles, I first noticed them when drying my hair in front of the mirror yesterday lol. I also have lost a lot of the fat from my stomach area, especially from my C-section shelf. I have lost two inches both from my hips and from my waist and have lost 4 pounds of fat. I have hit a bit of a wall with the weight loss, but I think it is because the gaining of muscle is balancing out the loss of fat. I keep strict records of my food, so I know that is not the problem.

I am not going to lie, there are points within the workout when it really sucks and I want to just rip Jillian's annoying face off, but I push through and it really works. There is a reason why so many people don't finish the program and that is because it is hard. However, it is hard because it is working. I bought an elliptical and once my foot is a little better, I hope to add 30 minutes of elliptical 5 days a week to the Shred that I do 7 days a week. Useful tips:
  • Mute Jillian after the first few days and listen to your favorite music instead, it makes it easier to focus on something when you aren't listening to her ramble.
  • Pick a focus point. This is how I got through childbirth naturally and it is how I get through some of the 30 Day Shred exercises. Pick a spot in the room and focus on it instead of the pain.
  • Don't be afraid to modify. In the video, modifications are shown by Anita, don't feel like you can't do the modified version if you need to. That is why they are there and everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Don't talk yourself out of it. Don't give yourself an option of whether to do the Shred today or not. Just get up and do it at the same time everyday. Also, don't talk yourself out of doing those few extra reps. It really is mind over matter.
Diet and Creating a Food Journal

I use a program called My Plate on Livestrong.com to create a daily food journal. The program is free if you sign up for a free account on the website. All the foods that I have ever wanted to log have always been pre-programmed into the system and you can add in your fitness for the day and it will tell you exactly how many calories you have left for the day. It also gives a pie graph of where your calories are coming from and the calorie limit can be set using their free calculator based on your weight, height, activity level and how much you want to lose on a weekly basis.

My calories usually come in at around 1300 a day. Some days it is less and very rarely is it ever more than 1400. A sample day of food looks like this for me:
  • Breakfast: Special K Honey Oat Cereal, 1/4 cup whole milk and 1/2 a small banana
  • Lunch: Fillet of various fish broiled with a plate of veggies. I usually have at least 3-4 different kinds. No potatoes or corn though.
  • Snack: Apple, banana or strawberries in fat free whipped topping. Great at satisfying sweet cravings.
  • Dinner: Oven fried cheddar chicken and a plate of veggies. I let myself have as many steamed veggies as I want. I usually make potatoes, rice or noodles for the boys and Matt, but I don't eat them.
  • Dessert: If I have enough calories left for the day, I usually have some fat free pudding or on a low calorie day, I will splurge and have a cookie or something.
Eating like this is not necessarily a diet, but a lifestyle change. Occasionally we go out to eat and I just adjust what I have. The other night we had Applebee's and I chose one of their under 550 calories meals and it was great. The My Plate program makes it really easy to pre-plan so that you do not run into problems with overeating.

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  1. I am on Day 11 and my first day of level 2.

    A bunch of us ladies are REALLY enjoying the results from this.

    Maybe soem of your readers would be interested in trying this out with us?

    We have a group page here. Feel free to join up!


  2. The 30 Day Shred is a great program that works well, but some of the exercises are tough on joints. I had very good results with the program (toning and losing weight) but would caution a new exerciser to make sure they use proper form or they will hurt themselves.

    Creating a food journal is important, I know I sneak a lot of snacks into my regular diet that I probably forget about when I'm wondering...why am I not losing weight.

    Here are my results: http://theunemployedmom.com/2009/06/29/success/

    I need to jump back on this program for maintenance, I got a bit too comfortable over the holidays.

    Good luck with your journey!

  3. Today I am definitely starting my food journal. I have gotten lazy.

  4. great job! You've inspired me to start next week... or, maybe even today. We'll see ;-) Keep up the great work!

  5. you're doing so well! Go Kathleen Go!

  6. Sounds like you're going strong. I've heard a lot of people have success with the 30 Day Shred. What's stopped me from doing it is Jillian. Every time I hear her voice, I want to punch her. She just annoys me.

  7. Thanks ladies! Katie, you have to start this with me lol.

    Amanda, that is why my first tip was to mute her. She makes me want to hang myself, but she does know her stuff.

  8. I love Live Strong's My Plate - I just started using it last week after I read about it in a book. It made me far more aware of the amounts of things like how much fat vs. carbs. vs. protein and fiber I'm eating - I have to change a lot of my food choices!

  9. I have this video but need to get motivated to start back up with it again. Thanks for the reminder and way to go for being so motivated!

  10. Christi, the Facebook group Maria posted in the first comment is great. It is an awesome way to stay motivated and get support from other women!

  11. I always have better luck when I log my food. You can do it free at sparkpeople.com, too. I really need to get back on track. You are very inspirational....I don't think I could stick to something like this. Explains why I weigh as much as a whale...LOL

  12. I've heard lots of good things about this program! I might have to check it out myself. Blogging is making me SOOOO out of shape!!! THANKS!

  13. Thank you so much for this post! We just got a home gym, and I want to start eating better and drop a few pounds in addition to toning up. I have heard of the shred program, but really didn't know much about it. I am going to check otu the MyPlate, as I think it will help me immensely.

    You are doing a great job - keep up the good work!



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