4 Boys + Attempt to Get a Good Photo = Pulling Teeth!

10:58 PM

 Previous Attempt At A Christmas Photo

I gave up trying to get a good holiday photo of my boys years ago. I attempted it the first time when my 7 year old was just a few months old and my older two were just toddlers. I dragged them all down to the photo place and this is what transpired:

Wiped spit up off the babies clothes.
Wiped juice off the toddler's clothes.
Changed their clothes because they ruined them.
Hopped around like a bunny in a lame attempt to make them all smile and look at me.
Dangled cookies in front of the photographer to try to bribe them into smiling and looking at me.
Dried tears, because apparently camera flashes and photographers are the devil incarnate to toddlers.
Cleaned up more spit up.
Danced a jig while starting to cry in a last ditch effort to make them look at me and smile.
Hung my head in defeat and lifted my children down from the photographer's table.
Bawled my eyes out as all three children looked directly at me and smiled!

Anyway, you get the picture. From photos in their pajamas with their stockings on Christmas morning, where one is inevitably making a silly face, looking cross-eyed or crying their eyes out, to blurry group shots quickly taken as they unwrap their gifts in a flurry, the perfect Holiday photo of my children has eluded me..... until last night that is. Yep, that's right folks, I got some pretty darn good shots last night and I am happy that for once, I have a photo I wouldn't mind sticking on a Christmas card.

What do you think?

More Group Shots of the boys.

Of course, we had to get some silly shots in too!

Me and the Boys Together! The gingerbread man is there because I forgot to put shoes on before the picture was taken lol.

Care to share your holiday photos or posts? Feel free to leave a link in the comments section and I would be happy to stop on by!

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  1. they are cute meatheads that you have.

  2. I would say you got some pretty good shots!

  3. These are so cute! I love the last one of you with the boys; the gingerbread man cracked me up!

  4. Yeah, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. I should have planned better and then maybe I would have remembered some shoes, or at least to paint my toenails lol.

  5. I personally think all of them are great shots.
    You're lucky that even though they were acting silly, they weren't acting gross (e.g. sticking finger in nostril, or in mouth).

  6. Kathleen, they are great shots... I used to have trouble with my TWO boys. I love the one of you with them. You definitely have to use them for your cards.
    I posted my WW of my attempt to get all six of my dogs photo together. NOT HAPPENING!!


  7. Adorable! I am still working on this, this is my first year as a mommy of two, and I am really learning about this struggle this year!

  8. Oh my goodness looks like picture time at my house...with 4 boys, except mine are 42 (my husband) and our boys 7, 6, & 4...I am going to really like you blog..



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