Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

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Babies and Toddlers

Convertible Designs is a relatively new clothing company for babies and toddlers that have some of the most
adorable and innovative pieces I have ever seen. In addition to the cutest onesies and shirts for children ages 3-6 months on up to 5 years old to one of a kind jackets that transform into plush friends, Convertible Designs has gifts for the little darlings on your shopping list this year.

T-shirts start at only $16 and convertible jackets are a great value at $85. There is a whole line of plush animals, decorative pillows and even hand purses for your lovely ladybug, tough turtle, fearless frog or busy beetle. Products can be purchased on the Convertible Designs website.

The perfect gift idea for toddlers of traveling parents or far away relatives, the AnyBook Reader from Franklin Electronics allows anyone to interact with your child in a fun and loving way. Read your child a bedtime story even when you can't be there to tuck them in. Let grandparents have the pleasure of the nightly storybook reading, even if they can't be near.

The interactive AnyBook Reader allows you to record the reading of any possible book in your own voice onto the machine. Toddlers can follow along with their favorite book and the system at home, even if they don't know how to read yet. They get to experience the loving voice of their loved ones even when they are apart. The systems come in two versions, a 15-hour for $39.99 and a 60-hour for $59.99. Purchase the AnyBook Reader from your local Barnes and Noble store or online at Amazon.

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If you are looking for an organic and green gift for your little one this holiday season, then a onsie or toddler shirt from Golden Curly Tail would be the perfect gift. With three original and adorable shirt designs, the cute and pudgy signature piggy is printed on organic cotton and bamboo shirts and onsies. Available in the original logo design, the "golden piggy" design and my favorite, the "yoga piggy" design, these shirts are super soft and durable.

Available in sizes 6-12 months to 3T, shirts range in price from $18 for a single shirt to $50 for a multi-pack gift set. You can purchase these adorable organic shirts on the Golden Curly Tail website.

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Based on the wildly popular new PBS television series for kids, the Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game is developed for 2-6 players and children as young as 4. Choose your game piece from among popular characters in the series including Tank, Mr. Conductor and Shiny. Move your game piece throughout the board and the three dinosaur eras to get closer to the nest. Stopwatch Spaces will help you get ahead and Dinosaur Crossing Spaces will send you back, but the first person to reach the nest is the winner!

The Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game retails for around $13 and is available at Kohl's, Target and Amazon.

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Shirts That Go kids t-shirts are the ideal gift for the little vehicle lover in your family. Their line of tees for toddlers and kids includes fire truck t-shirts, train t-shirts, airplane t-shirts, and garbage truck t-shirts all made in the USA. Shipping is free Shirts are light weight, durable and super soft!

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