Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Men

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The Brugo Mug revolutionizes the way you enjoy hot coffee or tea on the go! With its innovative lock, sip and tip and cool system, it is perfect for drinking any time of the day. Turn the lid to the lock position and lock in flavor and freshness. Turn it to sip to skip over the temperature chamber and drink regularly. Access the tip and cool feature to send liquid through the cooling chamber that will cool it to the perfect temperature for sipping.

Available in 13 colors, the Executive and Jazz collections come with chrome colored accents for a sleek look. The Sport collection has black accents and a more sporty appearance. Brugo Mugs range from $14.95 to $19.99 with discounts available if you buy two or more and are available online.

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As the fall and winter weather approaches this holiday season, provide the men on your list with some of the world's most comfortable casual shoes and boots. Not only do shoes with GORE-TEX provide protection from the weather, the waterproof and breathable liner helps keep feet dry even in the wettest and warmest of conditions. Comfort is of the utmost importance to the GORE-TEX brand as well and whether you are working outdoors or headed to an office job, you won't have to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Casual shoes with GORE-TEX can be purchased in shoe stores nationwide. View available styles and store locations on the GORE-TEX website.

Perfect for camera loving dads or tech obsessed men in your life, Lexar Platinum II SDHC cards store a lot of information in a tiny package. The fast speed of these cards means you never have to miss that special moment and that there is plenty of room to hold all of your family photos or killer videos. Available in 4,8,16 and 32GB capacities, the cards have a suggested retail price of $39-$164.

Purchase Lexar Platinum II SDHC cards at your local electronics or retail stores, on the Lexar website or on Amazon for $25.60. Lexar also has other great gift ideas for the holiday season to meet the needs of everyone on your list.

Switch2Health has developed the S2H REPLAY, the gift that keeps on giving. Based on the idea of rewarding you for staying active. The REPLAY is a wrist worn activity tracker that will provide you with a reward code for each hour of activity it records. When you sign up for an account on S2H.COM, you can log in and redeem that code for 60 points. Points are then saved and redeemed for great rewards such as video games, gift cards and more!

Give the gift of health this holiday season and give the men in your life the chance to redeem points for cool prizes all year long. You can purchase the S2H REPLAY on the Switch2Health website for $19.95 and come in a variety of different colors and sizes.

The Invisible Glass Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit is perfect for the car enthusiast or the DIY guy. Cleaning everything from home windows to tiles, car windows and more, the Invisible Glass kit dust, fingerprints and smudges for a clear as glass clean.

An affordable gift giving option, the Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit retails for $29.95 and includes one each of Invisible Glass aerosol, trigger bottle, wipes canister, Reach & Clean glass cleaning tool kit, two packets of Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent, one Headlight Lens Restoration Kit, 20 individually packaged Lens Wipes, and one microfiber glass cleaning towel. Purchase the kit convenient online on the Invisible Glass website.

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