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Perfect for any adult on your shopping list this holiday season, the Roku XD and XDS streaming media players provide endless entertainment at an affordable price. Complete with Wireless-N, 1080p HD and instant replay, Roku players start as low as $59.99 and are capable of streaming the latest movies and TV episodes directly to your television via an Internet connection.

Utilize Netflix, Hulu Premium, Amazon VOD or a host of other Roku channels and have instant entertainment at your fingertips. Late night infomercials are a thing of the past with the Roku streaming player! Purchase Roku players at local electronics stores and retailers or online at Amazon.

Review and Giveaway Coming November 7th!

Tired of the same old gift ideas? If so, the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch is the perfect gift solution for you! Ideal for everyone from children to grandparents, interested in easy-to-use, yet cutting edge, technology, the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch allows you to interact with your computer like never before!
This product lets you express yourself digitally using either the included pen or with simple finger touches for handwritten messages, personalized signatures and collaborative artwork. This creates an exciting new way for ANYONE to interact with their computer, making everyday digital tasks – from note-taking to photo editing and social media interaction - more efficient, precise and FUN!  The Bamboo Pen and Touch can be purchased online through the Wacom website or Amazon and is also available at retail stores for $99.

Review Coming November 18th!

Looking for a gift that is perfect for the music, travel, techie or gadget lover? Then look no further than the Franklin ROADIE Portable Speaker System. This new gadget is about the side of a soda can, but it packs a powerfully punch, instantly transforming any flat surface into a speaker by vibrating off of the object. You can plug it into your phone, computer, mp3 player or even use it for Skype calls. Insert an SD card and listed to downloaded music wirelessly as well!

Use it plugged in with the AC adapter or take it with you for the wireless audio anywhere with power from the rechargeable battery. The three piece design is created to allow you to take all or just one piece with you so that you take only what you need on the road. The ROADIE system is priced $49.99 to $99.99 and is available on the Franklin website.

Review Coming November 19th!

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