Frigid and Fun Airboat Rides and Feeding Gators!

6:05 PM

In keeping with the adventure theme of the Brandcation trip to Kissimmee that I went on, and following the amazing experience I had at the Florida EcoSafaris Zipline Safari, another day of excitment was in store for me with a trip to Boggy Creek Airboat Rides and Gatorland. Saturday of our trip was slam packed with adventure and excitement and a little bit of crazy mixed in.

What did I do? Well, the morning started with a trip out to Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. It was a cold morning here in Florida, but we all bundled up and loaded into the cars. When we arrived, it was a beautiful yet frigid morning. There were blankets waiting for us, as well as protective headsets, because the boat motors are loud. I thought it was a really great touch that the provided blankets in the cold weather!

The airboat ride itself was thrilling! I loved whipping around and stopping every so often to catch glimpses of the local wildlife, like wild turkeys and bald eagles. The area really is beautiful and I hope to return again soon.

After getting off of our airboat, we huddled up for a picture in front of the green screen, where we all pretended to be deathly afraid as we were about to be eaten by a giant gator. These photos are available for purchase and make a great keepsake! When photos were finishes, we all had the opportunity to hold a small gator. I was really surprised, because although they are scaley and rubbery on top, their underbellies are really quite soft.

Overall, our trip to Boggy Creek Airboat Rides was great and I can't wait to take the boys on a ride when we head down to the area again.

After our cold yet thrilling airboat ride, we got back in the cars and headed out to Gatorland. I had never been to Gatorland, and didn't really know what to expect. It turns out, I really enjoyed myself and found that there are a lot of things for the whole family to do there.

Our guide was Donny and he was amazing. Not only was he super knowledgable about Gatorland itself, but he knew everything there was to know about the animals there and he honestly cared. His love for the animals and park really shone through in his words and enthusiasm and we could not have asked for a better guide. We were given a short tour of the front area and got the opportuntiy to pet another small gator and look at a massive snake.

After our tour, we were led to the hungry alligators, literally! We took turns tempting fate and feeding the very hungry creatures and it was so fun! Only because Donny was standing there waiting to protect us of course.

When we had finished risking our lives, we headed down to watch a very entertaining gator show. The man in this show was insane! He did things that I most certainly would never dare do with my kids for fear of getting bitten, let alone with a big gator! Talk about funny, the show was hilarious and afterward, we were all given then opportunity to sit on a gator, which I of course jumped at the chance to do!

We were treated to lunch as well and everything was very tasty. Unfortunately, we did not have a time to explore everything Gatorland has to offer, as that would have taken a full day, but rest assured that it is great fun for the whole family!

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  1. I've been meaning to take the kids on an airboat ride but I just havent gotten around to it. Something about it freaks me out, I suppose! :)

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas! Hope to see you back really soon!

  2. It looks like y'all had fun. Did you eat alligator? I tried it when we went to Florida. It was different....smoky flavor.



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