Brandcation - Sleuths Mystery Dinner and Arabian Nights!

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On our awesome Brandcation trip to Kissimmee, we were lucky enough to be invited to enjoy not one, but two great dinner shows, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows and Arabian Nights. I love dinner shows. I first became a big fan of them in Disney World and now I take advantage of them whenever possible. They are the perfect mixture of food and entertainment, and you are never bored.

We attended Sleuths Mystery Dinner after our adventure at Florida EcoSafaris and our presentation from Eversave on Friday night. The place itself is pretty easy to find and there is ample parking. When you walk into the large entryway, there are appetizers on a cart off to the side that you can help yourself to and an adorable older man who is acting as the host.

After a short wait, we were ushered into the dining room, which was beautiful and the tables were spaced well. No one was crammed in right next you and there were rolls and salad waiting on the table. Beer and wine are included in the price of the dinner show package as well as other beverages such as soft drinks and tea.

The actors were already circulating throughout the room getting to know guests and keeping everyone interested while the everyone was being seated. The show that was being put on the night we were there was Holidaze.
"Holidaze" - "Mayor Rockwell and the citizens of Hillendale invite you to their quaint Americana town to celebrate their Annual Holiday Pageant and compete for fame and fortune on TV's #1 reality show. The contestants will do anything to win even if it means taking out the competition!"
The show was definitely the highlight of the evening and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. The cast did their best to engage the audience and include them in the show. Mr. Maggie was an absolute delight and did a wonderful job and the woman who played Mayor Rockwell was adorable.

For our dinner choices, we could either have lasagna with or without meatballs, or Cornish hen. I chose the Cornish hen and it was an adequate meal. If you factor in the free drinks, dinner and the quality of the show, I would say that the $47 ticket price is well worth it! We had a wonderful time and I hope that I get the chance to return to Sleuths one day.

On Saturday night after we faced our fears and had an airboat ride and wrestled alligators, we were treated to dinner at Arabian Nights. This show was actually only about five minutes from where we were staying and was super easy to get to and they had plenty of parking space as well.

As you walk in, your photo is taken in front of a green screen and then you have the option to purchase the picture later on in the show. We waited in the entryway before being led into the seating arena and there was a show put on by a belly dancer who brought up people from the audience to dance as well, including some rather humorous men. One in particular looked a little too comfortable getting his groove on. There is also a bar in this area for anyone who wants to take advantage of the drinks they serve there.

After being led into the seating area, we were seated at long benches and a waitress came to take our drink orders. For dinner, I had the chopped steak which was delicious and there was even fresh warm rolls that were delicious too. The cheesecake for dessert was very yummy and I was told that the chocolate cake was good as well.

The show was fantastic. There were so many beautiful horses and the trick riders made me catch my breath quite a few times. I don't want to give away the storyline for those of you who have not seen it and would one day like to, but it was fun lighthearted and a little romantic as well.

At the end of the show, they let all the horses out to run around the ring and you are allowed to go down and pet some of them. I thought that was a great interaction for the audience.

Both of these shows were wonderful and well worth the cost of the tickets. If you are ever in the Kissimmee area, you could not go wrong with these choices.

Thanks again to Lorie from The Shewbridges of Central Florida and Kim from What's That Smell? for the amazing pictures that are featured in my post.

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  1. Love your post... I had such a great time with you and cannot wait to get to go to another function with you.



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