Brandcation - Arrival Day at Global Resort Homes!

4:01 PM

As most of you have hear by now, I attended another Brandcation trip in Kissimmee, FL. November 4th - 7th and it was an absolute blast! The event was organized by Brandfluential with Trisha from MomDot, Kim from What's That Smell and Nichol from Good Golly Miss Blondie. These ladies worked their rears off to put together a fabulous event and I can only hope to attend all other Brandcation events in the future.

I had a hard drive down to Kissimmee because apparently, two different towns thought that 5:30pm on a Thursday night was a wonderful time to shut down all lanes of Alternate 27 and have a parade? I am not even going to tell you the words I thought about saying as I watched their "parades" go by very very slowly. Then, it started to pour down rain and as I entered I-75 it was quite an experience. I arrived safe and sound around 8:30pm and the girls had already headed to Carrabba's for dinner, so I headed over.

After dinner, I got my first look at our awesome accommodations from Global Resort Homes. This trip would not have been possible without the wonderful people that work with this company, most notably, Tara Salinas! The put all of us up in 4 luxury rental homes and these houses could not have been greater! In fact, I seriously considered hitching my mattress up to the van and bringing it home. It was sooooo comfortable.

In the past, we have always stayed on Disney property when visiting the Kissimmee and Orlando area, but my stay at Global Resort Homes were we stayed in pure luxury really opened my eyes to new possibilities. These are not timeshares, so there is no wasted vacation time, these are simply homes that people privately own and then hire Global Resort Homes to rent out to vacationers. There is not a lot of extra work involved with staying at one of these home either and you have added comforts like your own private pool, hot tub, pool table and even laundry room!

Kissimmee Guest Services and especially Gail at the Kissimmee Visitors Bureau did a wonderful job showcasing the many fun and adventurous activities that Kissimmee and the Orlando area have to offer other than just Disney and I can't wait to share them with my family when I return!

After we got settled in for the night, we played some ice breaker games, got to know each other better and checked out the mega doses of food that was so generously donated by Sam's Club, Dole and Pepperidge Farm! There was so much food that we donated a ton of it through Global Resort Homes towards the end of our trip and still had a lot left over!

The custom banner provided by UPrinting was beautiful and the flamingos on the banner coupled with the lei's provided by Anytime Costumes, really helped us to feel like we were on a true Florida vacation even though it was a little chilly outside.

In between playing fun games like Telestrations and doing hilarious things to earn extra entries into the drawing for the Bounce House from Bounce Houses Now, we had a marvelous time with each other. It was well after midnight before I got to sleep that night, but we got up early the next morning for a day full of fun and adventure!

* Special thanks to Kim from What's That Smell and Katie from A Shopper's Quest for the use of some of their pictures!

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  1. That bed was simply amazing! I slept like a rock every night - partially because I was exhausted, but also because it was SO comfy!

  2. This looks like such a fun time! And I never would have thought about renting a home, but with a kid, it would be such a big bonus to have a laundry room!

  3. Wow, it looks awesome! I'm so glad you were able to go, but it really stinks about your drive down. That had to be so annoying. At least you had a great time!

  4. Hey Kathleen - Sounds like a really fun experience! I'm a Florida girl too - I'm in Jacksonville!

    Thanks for the nice comments from the MomDot forums! Following you now - look forward to reading along on your site!



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