Rescue My Appliances KitchenAid Contest- Does Your Kitchen Need a Makeover?

10:24 AM

The appliances in our kitchen are nearly 11 years old. Some work and some don't, but all of them could definitely use replacing. Our dishwasher has not worked in years and is not an oversized drying rack for the dishes we wash by hand. The fridge has several issues, including an annoying handle that asolutely will not come clean anymore and the stove is chipping paint, has a broken burner and refuses to come completely clean inside as well.

When I heard about the great contest that KitchenAid is running, I definitely had to enter and I thought I would share the opportunity with all of you as well.
"Submit a photo of your old kitchen appliances and you could win a new suite of appliances from KitchenAid® (worth $7,000), Service Live Credits toward remodeling (worth $1,000), and a phone consultation with Susan Serra, our kitchen design expert (worth $200)! Entries are submitted from 10/5/10 - 11/2/10."
You can submit your photo until the 2nd of November and then voting takes place from November 3rd to the 17th. Even if you don't enter, if you vote for someone who does, you are automatically entered to win great prizes from KitchenAid.

Join me by submitting a photo and get a chance to rescue those appliances today!

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  1. They rejected my entry because I entered to soon lmao!

  2. Oh no! You should definitely enter again.

  3. I wish I had known about that contest, I SO needed to enter that!



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