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I love my boys, but like most children, I have to tie them down and sit on them to get them to do even the simplest tasks that would keep them healthy. I know I am not the only parent to look behind their children's ear and see a ready made sandbox waiting there. Sometimes it takes some innovative techniques to get children to understand the importance of being smart and healthy both inside and out.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the Organwise Guys Back to School Kit and it has gone a long way towards helping all four of my boys the different things they need to do each day to stay healthy and grow up strong. There are a wide range of products available from the Organwise Guys for kids of all ages and each of these products is designed to help highlight a different area in which children could use a little prodding towards hygiene, healthy eating or even physical activity.

{In Their Words}
"Since 1993, The OrganWise Guys Inc. has partnered with a variety of public and private entities to bring science-based nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle behavior messages to children. Their specialty is combining a depth of knowledge of the research on nutrition and preventive health care practices with creative, attention-getting, curriculum-linked resources that challenge listeners to change their behavior.
Beyond simply teaching children about nutrition, proper exercise and other beneficial practices, our purpose is to instill a healthy habit mindset early on which they continue to build on throughout life. These habits include:
  • Maintaining a low fat diet
  • Consuming high fiber foods
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Performing regular physical activity
As a result, through extensive research, we are pleased to present actively engaging, age-appropriate programs and products that are as appealing to the adults who facilitate the education as they are to the children."
{My Take}

The Organwise Guys' Back to School Kit that we received was packed full of entertaining and educational items that got health across to my kids in a fun way that was much more effective than my repeated reminders and idle threats. The kit included:

•Monthly Healthy Behavior Tracking Calendar: With the start of a new school year, take on a new healthy behavior each month! The calendar is designed for use beginning any month of any year.
•Sir Rebrum Plush Toy: The brainy but cute professor is also the leading caricature in the Breakfast Skippin' Blues Video
•School Days Here We Come! Book: It's the first day of school and time to meet all The OrganWise Guys classmates and see where they live!
•Breakfast Skippin' Blues Video: Sir Rebrum is having a hard time remembering his lines in a school play. Can you guess what he forgot to do that morning?
•Keepin' the Beat Music CD

This was the perfect mix of items for back to school, as we were a little lax on schedules and rules during the summer. These items, particularly the "School Days Here We Come!" book helped get the boys prepared for back to school and what they needed to do to ensure a healthy back to school season.

No matter where your child has a problem, this kit or the Organwise Guys' products as a whole will touch on that subject. For instance, my children never have a problem with skipping breakfast, but are notoriously bad about things like washing their hands after using the restroom. No matter how many times I would remind them, they would still not do it every time.

My youngest is in love with the music CD and his favorite is the "That's How You Exercise" song. I still catch my oldest reading the book to the younger ones every so often. After out encounter with this kit, I would definitely have to recommend these products to both parents and educators. They offer small kits, single products or even classroom and assembly packages. With the spread of disease and common colds throughout schools on the rise and flu season right around the corner, any school classroom would benefit from these products.

{Buy It}

You can purchase any of the Organwise Guys' products and view a full product catalog on their website. Individual products start at super low prices, making these really wonderful stocking stuffer ideas for the upcoming holidays and the kits are the perfect gift idea for your child's teacher as well.

* I received an Organiwise Guy's Back to School Kit for the purpose of review, but the words, thoughts and opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own and were not influenced by anyone else.

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  1. I have some friends who are science teachers and I bet they would LOVE these as a Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing!



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