My Son Learned a Valuable Life Lesson

10:12 AM

My usually quite and generally sweet  year old Jordan learned a very valuable life lesson the other day at school. Once I had gone to the school and confirmed that he was okay I had to chuckle a bit at what occured. If you have little boys, I encourage you to share this life lesson with them, so that they are spared the pain of learning it on their own.

On Wednesday, I received a call from the school that my son Jordan had fallen while playing football and hit the back of his head on the ground. The nurse assured me he was okay, but when I picked up my 7 year old, I went to check on Jordan in afterschool. He said he was fine, so I picked him up later with my oldest and we headed to dinner.

While eating dinner, I asked him what exactly had happened. This is what he said.

"A girl in my class said she wanted to play football with us and I told her you are a girl and you can be a cheerleader not a football player."

So, I asked him what happened next and this is the answer I received.

"She told me she was good at football and then tackled me and made me hit my head."

At that moment, I proceeded to spit food all over my plate in the middle of the restaurant. On Wednesday, my sweet sweet boy learned a very valuable life lesson that I have been trying to teach them their whole lives. This was my answer to him.

"Jordan, you will find that girls can do everything that boys can do and most of the time, we can do it better."

I think he got the point and I have a sneaky suspicion that this particular little girl will be playing football a lot more often. :)

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  1. That's so hilarious!

    Maybe he'll grow up to fight for women's rights now. (Or marry the little football princess!)

    See what wonderful things could be coming your way?!

  2. HA! That's awesome! ON another note...I seen you comment on someones blog that you were afraid of birds! ME TOO! Everyone thinks I am crazy but Birds, Cats and Spider monkeys scare the hell out of me....

  3. LOL yes, I do hate birds. If one even comes near me I run away fast! I love cats and have no issues with spider monkeys though. :)



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