Justin Bieber Has Nothing on You Baby!

2:47 PM

So my youngest son Jase decided that he wanted to dance all day long today. So, of course I decided to video tape his artistic ability LOL. Yeah, Justin Bieber better move over. With these fly moves, little man may just take over the world or at least my heart!

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  1. That's some pretty fancy foot work there! and he's sooo quiet! My boys yell 'rock on' really loud! I love the break dancing, all boys love to down with the break dancing!

  2. Yeah, he is quiet when he is by himself. He really doesn't dance very often, so I was pretty surprised when he actually asked for music and wanted to dance.

  3. That is too pickin cute! He has some mad foot work going on there! So cute!

  4. Yeap, Justin just better move on over. Love how he got the toy vehicle out of his way, so his feet could keep on flying.

  5. Oh my gosh, ADORABLE! So gosh darn cute!
    By the way...what is up with the whole world falling over this Bieber kid, I don't get it. It must be a 'youngster' thing, huh? Hhhmm??

  6. Yes, I don't get the whole Justin Bieber thing either, but my boys like him and so does just about everyone else. :)



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