Wordless Wednesday - Look Mom, I have Tiny Hands!

7:32 AM

Okay, so this is not entirely wordless as I think it requires some translation. My son spilled water on himself while I was lighting the grill for dinner. I told him to go inside and change and this is what he came out in (his oldest brother's pajama pants)! He says to me "Look mom, I have tiny hands," as he continued to run around and play in them for the next hour or so. LOL He is in a world all his own.

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  1. They fit him nice at 1st I didn't even know they were pants =)

  2. hehe I see it now. Those are pants keke so cute!

  3. Ha Ha!! What an outfit. :) I don't see his hands at all...

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  4. Wouldn't it be fun to climb inside our kids minds for these moments!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop! Hope to see you back next week!! I am now following you back!


  6. Mom- "Son give me a hand."
    Son- "No, I just have to stand.
    See, I can't.
    My hands have been gobbled up by brother's
    pajama pant."
    My hands are very tiny inside,
    so I can't help you even if I tried."
    Mom- "You are silly and how how you've been able
    to play like that for over an hour?
    Son- "Because these pajama bottoms give me big
    brother power."
    Mom- "I guess you'll not be able to eat if you
    your hands are missing."
    Son- "Yeah, and I'd never be able to do any
    Son- "Mom, I'm hungry and I want to eat,
    so I think I'll pull out my hands and let
    these pajama pants now disappear my feet."
    Mom- "Good idea son with smart brain,
    just don't jump around too goofy or you may
    cause it to rain."

  7. ROTFL!! Kids can entertain us for hours , if we just pay attention ;) He sort of looks like a T-Rex, they have those tiny arms, in those dino PJs! LOL! Faythe @GrammyMousetails



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