Similac Formula Recall

1:33 PM

Although I do not have any babies who are still on formula, I saw this and wanted to share it with those of my readers that may. Similac is voluntarily recalling some of its powdered formula products that were sold in plastic containers. This recall affects products sold in 8oz., 12.4oz., and 12.0 oz. containers. The reason for the recall is because a common beetle  was found in one product during a quality inspection in one area of a single manufacturing facility and there may be other beetles or larvae in the recalled items.

No liquid formulas were affected by this recall and you can visit to see if your specific product has been recalled or you may call (800) 986-8850 for more information.

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  1. ICK! But you know, crap happens...bugs happen I almost feel bad an entire recall on a bug.


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