Extreme Room Makeover 4 Boys Style + Wallables Review!

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Ever since we moved into our house nearly two years ago, I have wanted to redo the boys' rooms. The younger two share one room and the older two another. They both have walk in closets that are to die for and the rooms are pretty good size, but other then that, there was not much to say about them. Not to mention, that every single room in the God forsaken house has a light wallpaper design on all of the walls and it is about to drive me nuts!

So, this last weekend and throughout the week, I have been working on the room of the younger two. It took one coat of tinted primer and two coats of satin premium brilliant blue wall paint, but we eventually won the war over the wall papered dry wall. The tally for the total cost of the room makeover is as follows:

New Bin Storage System: $39 on sale at Target!
New Huge Blue Storage Bucket for Blocks: $6.99 at Target
One Gallon of tinted primer, one gallon of paint and rollers: $70

Total cost of room makeover: $115.99

Without further ado, I give you the amazing before and after photos!!

This is the view from the door before and after. Their room was always messy before because there was not enough storage space for their toys. Before I went and shopped at the retailers, I went through the classifieds and found great toy storage units that the kids love, but I love even more.

This is the view of the toy storage before and after.I love the new bin system because they can separate their toys by type now!

 This is a view of the wall before it was painted and then a new play area on the other side of the room.  You can't see it, but all of their bigger cars and trucks are tucked into a little nook between the wall and the head of the bed.

I would also like to introduce you all to a wonderful product that really put a great finishing touch on the reading corner in their room. Wallables, is a really cool wall decor product that I recently had the chance to review. Taking the lead from the recent influx of 3D movies, they have created 3D wall graphics that kids can interact with! 

Eventually, the boys will have more decor that lends to the cars, planes and trains theme that will be in their room, so imagine how thrilled I was to open the package and find out that I got to review a Wallabales product which was Mater from the movie Cars. My youngest is in love with that movie and for about a month it had to be on a tv 24/7 around here.

Wallables are also available in many other styles as well, including those with Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Fairies and Toy Story characters. There are also classic style Wallables such as Soft Smiles, Jungle Sweeties and Talking Alphabet Letters that are great for the younger crowd as well.

Made from soybeans grown in the US, they are a great eco-friendly decor alternative and a simple way for you to go green at home. I love that they are lightweight and squishy and totally safe for little ones to play with. They attach easily to the wall with Velcro and can be removed at any time.

One thing I want to mention is that the Wallables are glued to their boxes when you first get them and some flue residue stays behind on the back of the product. You can see in one of the pictures above that the glue is on the back, I would recommend pealing it off so that it does not adhere to the paint on your wall and cause a mess.As you can see in the next photo above, I was able to easily remove the residue by scrapping it off with my thumb nail.

Other than that, you attach the velcro patch to the wall for an hour or even over night and then stick on the Wallable. An extra strength velcro dot is included in case you need it, but we did not find it necessary. I love these and for a cost of $20-$23, they are  definitely an affordable eco-friendly decorating choice.

{Buy It}

You can purchase Wallables at Amazon, Toys R' Us, Walmart and on the Wallables.com website!

* I received a free Wallables product for the purpose of review, but was not compensated in any way for this post. The thoughts, words and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and were not influenced by anyone else.

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  1. Wow, that looks fantastic, you did a great job with the boys room.

  2. That's so cool, and the color really brightened up the room. My four-year-old love anything CARS!

  3. The room looks fantastic! I love the organization system - we have something similar for Georgia's toys!

  4. Dramatic change...looks like a boys room should! Good job!

  5. You did a great job on the room, it looks fantastic. Really liking mater! Cute.

  6. Thanks for the comments you all! Glad to hear others thing it looks good too. I picked up the cutest coat hanger rack at Ross tonight that has a transportation theme for $5.99 and double decker bus and race car wall decals at Target on clearance for $2.48, so I am going to add those to the room tomorrow.

  7. Wow. Great changes! Those are very cute.

  8. Wow, that is one fantastic makeover! love it!

  9. The room looks great! I like the blue and the room actually seems brighter! Nice job.

  10. we are doing the same thing around here! great job. :)


  11. I love the look of these! I think my girls would love the Disney Princesses and the ones for boys look cute too!

  12. The makeover looks great! I am in the process of re-arranging all my rooms too! I need to buy some storage shelves like you have.

  13. Love the toy storage and all that color! I've got 4 boyz too!!

  14. I love bold colors on walls. You did an awesome job!!

  15. wow thats great I love the colors you chose



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