Bring Out the Ghosts and Ghoulies – Wordless Wednesday

9:57 PM

Well, I finally drug the Halloween decorations and got an uncharacteristic burst of energy today, so I decided to start decorating the house. I am not done yet, but I thought I would share with you what we have out so far. The boys are finally old enough, that they are slowly drifty away from the kiddie stuff and want more scary decorations. So I relented a bit and we compromised on a mix. I don’t need any nightmares!

Halloween 1
Holloween 2

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  1. Love the drapey over the entryway and your mouse on the table!

  2. Love the Mickey Mouse lights! Where did you get them??

  3. Becky Jane, it is actually a squeaky rat and my son loves to squeak it repeatedly so I am not too sure how much longer it is going to last LOL.

    I honestly have no idea where my mom got the Mickey Lights, but she is the one who gave them to me. I will ask her and let you know though. :)

  4. I looks great, just enough creepiness!

  5. Nice. I love the Mickey Mouse lights! LOL I don't have very much halloween decoration stuff, but I think it's going to be changing because Anthony LOVES halloween! This year is gonna be fun.



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