Yummy Ways to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

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My boys are not the greatest when it comes to eating their vegetables. My 6 year old will eat almost anything you set in front of him, but the others usually try to  steer clear. Below are a few ways that I have found recently, to make veggies a little more appealing.

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

 My brother actually made this over the weekend when we went down to visit my sister and it was delicious. The boys gobbled them up, except my oldest who  at least swallowed them down so he could have his ice cream. All you do is wrap a slice of bacon around 5-6 green beans, sprinkle with some brown sugar and broil in the oven until the beans are tender. Easy peasy and it is so yummy!

Photo by: Taste of Home

Mystery Mashed Potatoes

In our house, cauliflower and broccoli are all but outlawed by the children. However, I can sneak some pureed broccoli or cauliflower into regular mashed potatoes and the boys have no idea. Not only do they eat some veggies that are good for them, but they think there is no fighting or gagging.

Maple Carrots

If you make anything sweet, kids are sure to eat it. Add some honey or a tad of maple syrup to some steamed carrots and watch how fast they disappear. It doesn't have to be a lot or unhealthy, just a little bit is enough to give it a sweet taste and make it more appetizing to veggie haters.

How do you make vegetables more palatable to your little ones?

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  1. My guys aren't little ones anymore, but they still don't like to eat their veggies! Veggies and dip, cucumber slices or corn on the cob are about the only way they'll eat them.

    It's fart-city around here whenever carrots are served, so that's a no-go!

  2. Yum bacon on anything is good. I have a really yummy mock mashed potatoes dish that is purely cauliflower and broccoli and its tastes just like mashed potatoes yet it has none in the dish! Try it and see what happens (=

  3. Cassiopeia, that is hilarious about the carrots, I can definitely understand why they would be off limits.

    Lisa,I saw that recipe on your blog and thought about trying it out. I might just have to do that. I made the sweet potato raviolis from your blog last week and they went over well here!

  4. Bacon really does make almost everything better LOL. I also puree foods and sneak them in. I like to put butternut squash in their mac and cheese. They have no idea, sweet potatoes work well too in it. It has to be the same color otherwise they wont eat it LOL.

  5. Awesome tip Hannah, I had never thought about that one!



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