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I know I have been slacking on my work-at-home posts lately, but things have been pretty hectic lately. While going through my emails this morning, I was reminded about another way that I make money or get to test out products at home, survey sites.

Now, let me be clear that you will not get rich off of surveys. They come in sporadic busts and you may not get one for several weeks and then you may get a few all at once. If you manage to build up a list of legitimate survey sites though, you can have a pretty steady flow of surveys that will net you some extra spending money. This is a particularly good thing to do while searching or a work-at-home job, to help bring in a little bit of income until a full time position is found. You have to be careful though, because many of the sites out there are scams and either don't pay or make you pay money in order to try and make it.

Global Test Market is a legit survey site that gives you points in order to complete surveys. These points can then be turned into cash once you have enough accumulated. Even if you attempt a survey with them and end up not qualifying, they will still give you a minimum amount of points so it is not a total waste of time.

If you sign up, be sure to fill out any panelist surveys or information they ask for, as this is the information they use to see if you qualify for surveys. The more information you give them, the more surveys you are likely to receive. You can sign up today and begin earning money with legit surveys.

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    1. I have been paid by Global Testmarket several times, but I have not been good at doing surveys the past couple of months.



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