New Way to Save on Movie Theater Tickets - Weekly Cinema Overview

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We love going to the movies, but it can be so dang expensive to take everyone that we usually do not get to go very often. There are a lot of great movies coming out that the boys and I really want to see, but without some discounts, that isn't going to happen.

I just learned about Weekly Cinema. This site allows you to sign up for monthly plans that then entitle you to a set  amount of tickets at a cheaper rate each month. Plus, you get a free ticket just for signing up. Weekly Cinema is partnered with Fandango so they are legit and the tickets can be used in theaters that accept Fandango tickets.

How does it work? When you sign up, you get a free movie ticket and your card is charged $1 authorization fee. After the free trial when you can use your free ticket, you are charged $19.99 per month and are given four tickets each month. That makes each movie ticket $4.99, but they can be used to purchase tickets up to a $14 value each on Fandango, including Imax and 3D!

Now for me, the $4.99 price is not a deal over the before 5PM weekday showtimes at my local theater since they are $4.75, but it is a deal for the nightime, weekend and 3D movie tickets, which run $9.50 and up!

Here is a short video that goes step by step through the redemption process for the tickets. By the way, the redemption codes also cover the Fandango fees so you truly owe nothing when you checkout with them.

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