The New Frontier of Learning For the iGeneration!

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The newest generation has been deemed the iGeneration an entire group of children and adolescents who have not grown up without the Internet, cell phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices. With this new generation has come an increased need for a new and inventive way of learning. Across the country, many colleges offer online distance learning degree programs, which many adults take advantage of on a daily basis.

Now, middle and high school students can experience the same type of online learning and benefit from the individualized aspects that online courses can offer. KC Distance Learning has created a database at, which outlines the different public and private online school options in each state for today's igeneration.

You may wonder what benefits online learning can offer over traditional classroom instruction or why students would ever want to take part in this type of learning. According to Simba Information:

"Students are increasingly able to take online classes in partnership with their local school districts.  Schools facing budget cuts and a reduction in teachers are turning to online classes to supplement their curriculum, from offering classes for which they have no teachers, Advanced Placement® classes for students who excel, and credit recovery options for students who struggle.  In fact, today there are 1 million children learning online, either part time, full time or between school terms. Additionally, more than 20 percent of schools and educational institutions around the country offer online classes today, and that number should grow by another 30 percent within a couple of years, according to industry research."

Overcrowding is a major problem in many school districts, as is the elimination of elective and core courses whose budgets keep getting slashed. Online classes can be taken in place of traditional yearly instruction in a school or in addition to traditional classroom instruction. Several students in Chicago Public Schools were recently in danger of not graduating, but were able to complete online classes to make up the credits they were missing and graduated as planned.

I was recently able to review a portion of an online summer program that was done in the format of  online learning and the students eagerly participated in the event and the platform was easy to navigate. In fact, I noticed far more participation in the online classroom setting than I have witnessed in the classroom during instruction time as a reading tutor in Public Schools.

To learn more about the online school options available in your state and how these options can best benefit you and your children, visit Online School Solutions today.

What is your take on online schooling for middle and high school students? Is there a place for it and do you think it can be helpful and beneficial to certain types of students?

*I was given a $20 Target gift card for my honest opinion and time in writing this review, but was not compensated in any other way. The thoughts, opinions and words expressed here are my own except where noted.

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