Kajeet Cell Phone Winner!

12:26 PM

Thank-you to all of you who came by to enter the Back to School Bash Kajeet cell phone giveaway. The winner was chosen via random.org and was lucky comment number 63! Congrats to diRenteria who will receive a Kajeet cell phone of the companies choosing.

Look for lots of great giveaways in the coming week!

dianaren said... 63 
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August 16, 2010 4:09 AM 

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  1. Congrats!! For those that didn't win you can save 15% if you use a coupon code. I used PROMO CODE: 1115 on my boy's LG Rumor and Samsung Seek kajeet phones. (Gotta love coupons right!?)

  2. That is a great idea. I actually looked and it looks like there are a few coupon codes that would give readers even better deals than the one you were nice enough to list. Using 1015 will give 15% off plus unlimited texting and 60 minutes for only $14.99 and using the code "BARGAIN" will give 15% off plus free shipping. Some great deals going on over there!



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