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I am extremely flattered to discover that apparently I am the hot blog of the week over at Follow Us Monday Morning at Frugality is Free! I have no idea how I got such an awesome honor, but I will gladly take it LOL. I hope you all will be sure to stop by and visit a fellow mom of boys and show her some love.

Question of the Week: If you could make a wish list of three (material) things under $100 (no cash or gift cards) what would they be? 

This one is tough, because I generally do not spend much on anything.

1. A really great wig! Seriously, I have a hate hate relationship with my hair and even chopping most of it off recently has not helped. The only time I ever got compliments on my hair was when I had a killer wig. It was great!

2. A new above ground pool for the kids. I decided not to get them a new one this year, but I wish I could get them even the smaller 10 foot ones or something.

3. Lastly, an arsenal of Nerf guns!!!! Yes, I am the mom of four boys and we love to have nerf fights inside, outside and everywhere in between.

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  1. New Follower~

  2. I'm your newest follower thanks to "Follow Us Monday MOrning". Please check my blog out at

  3. hey just stopped by to let you know i found your blog on Bloggy moms, and im now a followers!!
    i'm a new blogger, so my blog is pretty empty, but we all have to start somewhere right!?

    now to answer your question...

    Socks, Socks and more socks.. i have 3 kids (2 boys, 1 girl) i dont know about anyone else but we seem to have a few "Sock Monsters" living in our house! lol :P

  4. My 21 year old son is planning on having a Nerf War in our back yard for his birthday. They never grow out of it!

    When they were little I used to surprise them with elastic wars. I would shoot an elastic band at them and they had to wait for me to get them before they had ammunition. One day when I was cleaning the cuckoo clock I discovered a stash of elastic bands on top! That's when I knew they were old enough that I'd never win again.

  5. Stopping by from Frugality Is Free Follow us Monday Morning.

  6. That is hilarious that they hid a stash on top of the cuckoo clock! Sure you can still win. Just hide a bigger stash LOL.

  7. Stopping by from Meeting you Monday :) Love your blog! :) I'm your newest follower :)

  8. Thank you, kindly, for following; the favor has been returned. Very clean blog layout you have and great information!

    Yeah, thank god for push-up padded bras! They save me the $8,000 in plastic surgery costs, money that I don't have for a surgery that I really don't need. I've been corrupted by Hollywood.


  9. I'm your newest follower. Following you from "Follow Us Monday Morning." Love your blog. Please, when you get a moment, check out my blog. Have a wonderful day.


  10. New Follower - your blog is adorable, and so are your boys!

  11. Hi! I'm following from "Follow Us Monday Morning." Have a great day!



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