Design With AZ Review - Go From Drab to Fab in Minutes!

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I have been dying to redo my boys' rooms ever since we moved into our new house almost two years ago.While they have furniture and toys, it isn't put together and decorated like I want it to be. Unfortunately, things keep getting in the way of me getting started so their rooms have stayed pretty drab.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review an awesome wall graphic from Dezign With AZ for the room of my youngest boys and it has instantly transformed their wall from drab to fab. This is seriously one of the easiest things you can do to make an instant difference in any room of your home. Add some new Bedding & linens to go along with the wall graphic and presto, you have a brand new look for less!

{In Their Words}

"Our decals are easy to apply, removable and are able to be washed. All of our wall designs are created by young and talented designers from the United States and all around the world.

Our catalog showcases hundreds of different models of decorative wall graphics. With this many choices, there is something for everyone. From our animal and floral wall stickers, to our more modern and contemporary murals, you will find the perfect look for your walls.

We also recommend our contemporary digital canvas, wall clock decals, resin acrylic mirrors, or super sized decals to give your home a dramatic make over. Try our glow in the dark decals, our chalkboard and whiteboard stickers to add excitement to any kids' room. Customize your own decal with your favorite quote or sentence through our custom lettering section, or send in your favorite photos to have a unique sticker or digital painting made."
{My Take}

The decal we were able to review was the Old School Airplane wall sticker. At only $38, this graphic is a great value! It is huge, available in 3 sizes and in 24 different colors. I am really impressed with the fact that the graphics that is actually sent to you and that you place on your wall actually looks just like the version on their site.

The colors are really true and bright and there is no fading or lightening in spots. I appreciate that the company is dedicated to representing their products in a real light instead of trying to bait and switch customers. The photo on the left below is from the Dezign With AZ site and the photo on the right is an actual photo of the graphic on my boy's wall.
The whole process of transferring the graphic to the wall was a lot easier than I had anticipated and even with a bum hand, I was able to put it up by myself. All I had to do was lay the graphic flat on the table, use a credit card to firmly press the graphic to the transfer paper, peel the back off the graphic, press it to the wall and then go over the top of the paper again with a credit card edge before pulling the paper off. There were no creases, rippling or bubbles in the graphic and in the weeks that it has been up, there has been no peeling or coming loose from the wall.

Dezign With AZ graphics are simple to install, easy to remove if needed and can even be washed, which is a big deal when you have four sets of dirty little hands running around. The boys instantly loved their new wall design and are already begging me for a few others they saw on the site to go with it, like the My Airplanes wall decal set of 32 pieces for only $36. The older boys are also insisting that they now need graphics for their walls as well and there are a few ideas that I have for the living room and my room as well.

If you are thinking of redecorating your home or simply giving a room a quick and inexpensive pick me up, I would definitely recommend that you take a look on the Dezign With AZ website. They have a whole line of kids, abstract, object, places and other fun graphics as well. For a fun twist, you can try out their glow in the dark graphics for little ones who may need a little light at night.  There are also customizable graphics available that can be customized with names and sayings of your choice. They really do have something for everyone and every room of your home!

{Buy It}

If you want to purchase decorative wall graphics, mirrors, clocks or even customized wall stickers for your home, you can buy a wide range of selections at Dezign With AZ. They are definitely one of the more affordable options I have come across, their selection is extensive and their customer service is great!

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    1. That is so cool! I'm going to have to check them out!

    2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I like the idea of wall decals. i have not used them yet, but I think it allows for some room to change things about. Have a great night!

      Mama Hen

    3. Well, I'm a self-admitted wall art junkie. And I absolutely love the whole concept of decals like this because you can switch them out at will - perfect for someone who changes wall color/art almost as often as I change underwear.

    4. I have really wanted to try wall decals - Thanks for the review!

    5. I LOVE wall decals! Great way to decorate a room easily, and change it when you get tired of it.

    6. Oh man that is REALLY neat. I remember about 5 years ago I got a "Tatouage" decal and it was a NIGHTMARE to put up... this looks awesome!

    7. I could use something like this in my dining room. I've been meaning to paint a mural there for a couple years now. I just never have the time.

    8. That is cool, If they have fire trucks I am so going to have to get them!

    9. They don't have any pre-made fire trucks that I see Hannah, but they can make a custom graphic from any .jpg picture. The have a tab about it on their site and it is really awesome how they do it.



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