Back to School Bash Event - Earn Early Entries Now!

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I have a stellar Back to School Bash event planned for August 9-16. I know a lot of you have seen the event button up in the left sidebar for a while now and since the time is almost here, I wanted to explain a little more about how it will all work, list some great event sponsors who have made it possible and give you all a chance at some killer early bird extra entries!

How the Event Works

On August 9th, all giveaways for the Back to School Bash will go live on my blog. These giveaways will be run like any other on my site, except they will only last a week. This gives you a killer chance at winning since the giveaways will not be listed the normal two week time period. On August 16th at 8pm, all giveaways will end and the winners will be announced on the morning of the 17th.

Event Sponsors

Now for the fun part! I am so happy to announce that we have some rather awesome sponsors for this event who will be giving away great products to help ease the strain on your wallets this Back to School season.

Sanuk will be donating the winners choice of shoes for a giveaway.
Kajeet will be offering a kid friendly cell phone for giveaway with great parental control features.
Kidorable will be donating an absolutely adorable umbrella of your choice for giveaway.
Out of the Box Games is offering an educational board game for giveaway.
Princess Linens will be donating a denim customized Doodlebag to one lucky winner.
Zoodles will be giving a winner a three month parental membership of their educational web browser for kids.
Yoplait Go-Gurt will be giving a Back to School prize pack to one lucky winner.
ChicoBag will be donating a "green" recycled fabric messenger bag to one winner.

There will also be great Back to School products reviews and advice posted throughout the week from:

Clementine Art - Organic Art Supplies
Sugar Booger - Lunch Bags
Fish For Words - Online Education Spelling Game
OrganWise Guys - Back to School Healthy Choices Kit
Educational Preschool DVDs

A few more giveaway sponsors are still in the works so I will be adding them as they roll in for the next week.

Extra Entries:

To get extra entries in advance before the giveaways even go live, you can do two different things. You do not have to do these in order to enter when the giveaways are posted, these are purely optional entries that can be done to get a jump start when the event begins.

1. Post the "Back to School Bash" event button on the sidebar of your blog before midnight on the 8th of August and leave it up until the event is over on the 16th of August and you will receive 5 extra entries into all giveaways that you want to enter for the event.

2. Create a post about this event with a link back to this post on your own blog before midnight on the 8th of August and keep it up at least until the event ends on the 16th of August and earn 10 extra entries into any giveaway you enter during the event!

To claim your extra entries, you must leave a comment on this post before midnight on the 8th of August, with a link to your blog or blog post stating that you did either or both of the optional entries.

When the giveaways for the eveny begin, simply state that you are claiming your extra entries and leave 5, 10, or 15 (whichever is applicable) extra comments on each giveaway you wish to enter. It is that simple and you will get a huge jump on your giveaway competition!

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    1. Added the button and made a post! Thank you for the giveaways!

      Win a $25 Target GC!

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    6. Thank-you all so much for supporting the Back to School event! You are going to love having these extra entries when the event rolls around next week!

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      Thank you
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