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My youngest son Jase has allergic reactions to many different products. It used to be just strong chemical products such as sunscreen, but recently I started noticing reactions to soaps and other items. Since then, I have begun using more natural and green items around him, as I do not want to take any chances.

That is where Clementine Art, they have a range of vibrant art supplies that are all natural and do not contain and harsh chemicals. This makes them save for children ages three and up and for those who may have any allergies. Knowing that my children can play and have no risk of a reaction or accidental poisoning, puts my mind at ease.

{In Their Words}

{My Take}

From the moment I opened the box of organic paints that I was sent to review for Clemtine Art, I was in love. The packaging is so simple and clean and the paint colors are a lot more bright and colorful than I had expected. There is no strong scent to these as there is with many of the commercial paints and they are really rich yet washable.

My kids are mess makers when they are painting so my table and their clothes are quite happy to knwo that the paints wash off simply. I will mention that these are thicker and creamier paints and not watercolors at all so a little goes a long way. You may want to stress this to your little ones the first time they use the Clementine Art paints, or they will glop them together and it will take a long time to dry.

My four year-old loved that these could be used as finger paints, since he does not really like to use a paint brush. Again, the paint is all natural and washable with soap and water so there is no worry about a mess by allowing them to finger paint.

Clementine Art also carries natural modeling dough, markers, crayons, crayon rocks, glue and a fantastic gift set that includes a sample of each of their products.

{Buy It}

You can purchase the natural paints that I discussed in this review as well as any of the other natural art supplies on the Clementine Art website. With prices starting at only $5.99, these natural products are definitely afforable for all.

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