5 Reasons Boys are Better Than Girls and Vice Versa!

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Okay, so perhaps not better, but definitely easier to raise in later years for sure. This is just a post for fun and since I realize that I am totally partial to being a mom of boys for obvious reasons, I will also list five reasons why girls are better than boys at the end of this post. Feel free to add your own items to the list in the comment section below. Again, this post is for fun and is not meant to offend either parents of boys or girls.

5 Reasons Boys are Better Than Girls

  1. Cheaper Toys - Give boys a few sticks and a rock and they are good for hours.
  2. Easier to Maintain - There are no fancy dresses or elaborate hairdos to maintain.
  3. No disturbing and uncomfortable talk about things like monthly cycles.
  4. Less whining and fit throwing.
  5. No pink, ballet and in most cases cheer leading (all of which are terrifying to me)

5 Reasons Girls are Better Than Boys 

  1. No stinky pee covered bathrooms.
  2. No army men all over the floor to step on.
  3. No cleaning mud, dirt and any other variety of messes off the carpet and everywhere else.
  4. No slimy creatures hiding in your bathtub. 
  5. More fun to dress up.

After writing this list, I am thoroughly convinced that parents who have a mix of both boys and girls have the best of both worlds (sung in my most convincing Hannah Montana voice.)

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    1. LOL, I have to say that I am partial too, having two boys. Your lists are funny. I am happy with my boys but there is a little part of me that wishes I had a girl too. I hope your week is going great!

    2. That is HILARIOUS! We have decided two boys and a family of four is enough for us, so we'll never know about the girl list, but that's ok! We'll stick to army men and muddy feet :) Cute post!

    3. Can I just say that you have no idea how many holes have been put in my feet from helicopters and army men over the years? I suppose Barbie heels could do the same though. LOL

      A small part of me would love to have a girl now even though I swore I never wanted one. I may adopt in a few years, but that depends on how things go. I hate when you are stopped by random people in the street who insist that you must try for a girl!

    4. This is such a cute post! I just started a new network of amazing bloggers! Come and visit Mama's Little Nestwork and see if you would like to join our community! I will be featuring four bloggers a week. Have a great day!

      Mama Hen

    5. Cute! I second the low maintenance. Whew! Not to mention, when Cubby is old enough - Daddy will have to give him "the talk" instead of me. Ha!

    6. Boys rarely change clothes - hence, less laundry!

    7. Oh Leah, you have not met my boys. Dear goodness, I have never seen boys that liked to change their clothes so often. Needless to say, I always have at least a load or two a day. :)

    8. A shout out for the girls: They are probably less likely to surprise you with a live spider in the tupperware you are washing!

    9. I love this post. SO very true about the boys and toys. I have 4 kids my oldest are girls and my youngest boys. So I get it. :)

    10. Love it! We are split down the middle! 3 & 3! I can borrow both lists! :]
      New follower through Bloggymoms!
      Hope you do the same...
      ~Bizee Mama
      aka Kimberly

    11. AWww cute! Yet, my girls are always covered in dirt! They are just like me, ready to jump into the dirt or mess and get all grimy. The funny thing is, they are as tough as my one boy too. Funny Post:)

    12. LOL! I love this. I must admit I like boys because they are low maintenance. Although girls are fun to dress up, I can't deal with the mood swings hehe (= I'd rather be the queen bee with all the boys around me, I know i'm selfish.



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