Work At Home Wednesday - Better Late Than Never

11:22 AM

I have to apologize to those of you who usually come over for Work-at-home Wednesday. The holiday Monday threw my whole week off and it didn't even register in my mind that I missed the work at home post. Well, here it is now and I hope that some of you can get some useful leads or information from it.

This week, I am going to focus on Court Researcher positions. These are not always truly work-at-home positions, but they do allow you to work on your own schedule and if you are dealing with a small infant or well behaved toddler, you can take them with you to the courthouse to do the research. This consists of collecting specified data from the Clerk of Courts office and in more and more counties nationwide, this data can be accessed from home allowing you to work without leaving the house.

Accurate Background

Accurate Background will hire researches for both civil and criminal records and has their application open all year long. If they are not currently hiring in your area, check back periodically to see if the researcher in your area has dropped out.

Background Profiles

They claim to be hiring experienced researchers in all counties. I would encourage you to hire if you have any kind of research or documentation background, even if it isn't specifically "court research."

Sunlark Research

This company does not mention needing experience, so newbies should certainly apply. They mention they there could sometimes be enough work to keep a researcher in certain counties busy for up to 30-40 hours per week, but the amount of work depends on your county size.

Information Technologies Inc.

The website says they are currently hiring in many regions across the nation and that they are currently processing lien and judgement information. Pay is based upon the number of completed records you turn in.

Castle Branch

Castle Branch specializes in research for background checks on employees. They claim to always be hiring qualified candidates and an application can be downloaded on their website.

If you have any other work-at-home job offerings, feel free to share them below.

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    1. Thanks for sharing those. I haven't heard of most of them. I usually stick to looking for writing or Virtual Assistant positions, which I seem to be finding more of lately. I just hate giving out my resume to every unknown person/company to gain more clients.

    2. Great information. THanks for sharing this. I'll have to check them out.

    3. No problem ladies, I am happy to share. Hope you both can find something useful.



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