Oil Spill Clean Up - New Oil Absorbent Solution Video

12:40 PM

Oil spill clean up is a topic of discussion that is being passed around almost anywhere I go. Living in Florida, close to the coast, we are all very worried that the oil will soon reach our shores. Seeing as the beautiful beaches in Pensacola are already suffering, it is only a matter of time before the disaster strikes here.

It breaks my heart that more has not been done and angers me that the people who have the ability and authority to step in have remained silent for the most part. Why are we not listening when brilliant new ideas for oil spill clean up are mentioned? At this point, everyone should be concerned and looking into any possible method of resolution possible.

When I received this video via email the other day, I was amazed at this simple oil absorbent procedure that was being offered as a solution. Why is this not being done and how long with this tradegy continue to go on? How many animals have to be burned and killed before we take the advice of ingenious hard working Americans like this? They may not have fancy college degrees or high rise offices, but their solution for oil spill cleanup is the best I have seen up to this point. Please watch the video below and pass it on!

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  1. WOW! Why aren't we doing this?!?!? This is so simple and so green. I love when he said you can burn the hey with oil for energy! This has to be better than those bouies (sp?) they are using. I am tweeting about this b/c I think the word needs to get out there. I am in FL too, and this is always on my mind. While this isn't a cure for the ever flowing oil that is still coming out, why not try it for some that is already in the water? Thanks for posting.

  2. That is what I figured. You can clearly see how quickly the oil sticks to it and there is certainly an abundance of hay this time of year. I just wish someone would look at actual solutions instead of wasting more time on solutions that only make things worse.



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