New Antibody Neutralizes 91% of the HIV Strains!

8:00 AM

I could hardly believe it when I read this news story on It seems as though they may finally be getting close to an actual cure or vaccine for HIV/Aids. According to Mark Schoofs, a Wall Street Journal Reporter, the new antibody that has been found is capable of neutralizing 91% of HIV strains, that is amazing considering that prior to that, they had not found one that could neutralize more than 40% of the strands!

This is a slow moving process that will be in the works for many more years to come, but it certainly is a giant step in the right direction. According to who collected information from the United Nations, "More than 33 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2008, and about 2.7 million contracted the virus that year." There are a staggering amount of people who will likely benefit from this new information.

Watch the video below for more information on this astounding new breakthrough and feel free to share your thoughts on the whole process!

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    1. What an amazing breakthrough! My heart goes out to the people who are going to be so positively affected by this. This is an awesome post - I probably wouldn't have seen this, so thank you!

    2. wow, I have a degree in Health Education and we used to talk about this breakthough all of the time in college...the only difference? Now it's a reality :) Yay!! Thx for sharing!!

    3. I think it would be awesome if this ends up working out. :) I'm always happy to hear about new vaccines to help people.

    4. That's amazing! Hopefully one day we will be able to eradicate viruses altogether. Wouldn't that be awesome!? What a glorious day for everyone living with viral illnesses such as HIV!



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