Here Comes Trouble - Women, The Big Easy and the Ability to Blog Oh My!

5:03 PM

I am off to the Bloggers on Bourbon (The street not the drink lol) conference tomorrow morning. The event has been sold out for a while now, but I saw a last minute opening and jumped at the chance to spend the weekend in New Orleans with these wonderful ladies. So today, I have been running around like a mad women with a 4 year old, trying to buy the things I need and get my hair cut.

Did you know that before today I didn't even own a dress? Well I bought one, but didn't sit down when I tried it on and don't like the way it looks now when I sit, so it will probably go back tonight. I bought a pair of shoes at Goodwill, got home and found out they are two different sizes! I am batting 0 for 3 here people!

No matter what goes down in the shopping word this evening, I will be on the road tomorrow at 6am to drop the kids at my moms so I can have my first real break in almost 9 years. I wonder how much trouble a bunch of women bloggers in The Big Easy with access to alcohol can get into? Not much right? Don't worry, I will blog it all.

Special thanks go out to Harrah's Casino,, Earth Footwear, Global Resort Homes, Houmas House, Collective Bias, Open Sky Project and the many other great sponsors who have made BOBNOLA possible!

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  1. Oh can't wait to see pictures and all the details...HAVE FUN :) We go to New orleans all of the time-I think we're addicted to the food, atmosphere, well EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

  2. wow, can't wait to hear alllll about it!

  3. Whoop it up for all of us that are staying home! I only get out every 5 years or so too! (so glad I'm not the only one)

  4. Good grief, what luck! But the good things is you're going. That's fabulous. Wish I were there. :-) Have fun.

  5. How exciting! You deserve the break and what a great place to have a much needed break! I hope you have some wonderful luck with shopping and have an awesome time in New Orleans! Be sure to have a drink for me LOL!

  6. Have a blast! ....and come back to tell us all about it.

  7. Got back last night and was beat. Thanks ladies for all your well wishes. I had a great time and will be posting all about it later today!

  8. Oh Kathleen!

    Take me with you next time. Please! Pretty please. . .

    I'll carry your luggage.

    I'll carry YOU when you're a "Blogger on Too Much Bourbon".

    I don't drink (have diabetes) so I could be the designated blogger!

    Glad you had a great time & got home safely. Can't wait for your report.

  9. oh man...I am so jealous! Maybe next year....sigh.

  10. Cassiopeia, I would love to meet you and hang out in real life. Head on over to and sign up for the forums there. They are already talking about another meet up in October/November. It was super affordable since all the meals and activities were sponsored. We all had a blast.

  11. Thanks Kathleen. Heading over there now!



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